The Top 10 Most Common Questions Asked of an IT Guy

Many professionals will tell you that they get asked the same questions over and over and over again. Vets get asked about sick pets; accountants get asked about how to legally dodge tax and, like me, IT technicians get asked about all things tech. Here's my most commonly-asked tech questions (in no real order) and how I answer them -- it may help save you (and your local IT guy's) time! Read More >>

Man Spends Three Years of His Life Destroying Company Servers With Cleaning Supplies

In 2009, Edward Sobolewski was passed over for a raise in his job at market research firm Frost and Sullivan. So he spent the next three years of his life destroying the company's servers using cleaning supplies. That's what you call a long con. A very long, very sad con. Read More >>

These Are the Best Programming Skills to Have if You Wanna Be Rich

Everyone knows that having tech expertise can net some big bucks. But what skills specificially will get you on the path to an early retirement? Better start learning how to code database and security software. Read More >>

Christmas Cancelled for 100s of Sainsbury's and Fortnum & Mason Shoppers

A few customers relying on online delivery services for their Christmas shopping now find themselves relying on beans and cornflakes to get through the festive period, thanks to IT failures at posh shop F&M and supermarket chain Sainsbury's. Read More >>

IT Company Plans Total Ban on Internal Email

A French tech company wants to eliminate all internal email, claiming only 10 per cent is actually of any use. It thinks internal forums, wikis and instant messaging are the future. Read More >>

Kent Council Offers £1,000 Reward for IT Ideas

If you really don't have anything better to do on November 25th, Kent Council is holding a "Developing Solutions Camp" where local IT boffins can submit ideas, work up prototypes, have a free buffet lunch and maybe win some cash. Read More >>


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