The 'Most Haunted Place in the World' is on Sale

Like ghosts? Then you'll love Poveglia, a small, deserted island in the Venetian lagoon that's going on the auction block next month. It's been called "the island of madness," "Hell," and "the most haunted place on Earth." You'd just love it to pieces. Read More >>

The Mob is Secretly Dumping Nuclear Waste Across Italy and Africa

Organised crime is famously good at exploiting time-sensitive industries like construction, fishing, and—of course—rubbish removal. But revelations about millions of tonnes of toxic waste buried haphazardly and illegally by the mob are causing an uproar in southern Italy, where cancer rates are nearly 50 per cent higher than the average in certain areas. Read More >>

A Hand-Built Amusement Park in the Middle of the Italian Forest

A documentary called Ai Pioppi, released by Fabrica and written by Luiz Romero, documents the incredible story of Bruno, an Italian restaurateur who, in his spare time, is hand-building an entire amusement park in the woods. Read More >>

The First 3D Scan of the Tower of Pisa Will Help Preserve It Forever

A team of Australian researchers recently climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a 3D scanner and came back with the most detailed map of the building ever. At first you might think that the beautiful results were meant for a museum, but this detailed scan will help scientists protect it from ruin. Read More >>

A Century-Old Roman Palazzo Grows a Faceted Glass-and-Steel Parasite

We’ve talked about top-down demolition—where building are deconstructed one floor at a time, ending at the ground—before. But a newly-completed building in Rome, by Italian studio Fuksas, puts a twist on the concept: The old building’s facade was perfectly preserved.
The Palazzo ex Unione Militare was built in 1901 and once housed the Italian military headquarters. Eventually, the building was sold for retail space—and in 2008, a massive renovation project got underway. Because of its historical importance, Fuksas couldn’t touch the Palazzo's facade; Instead, the firm gutted the interior completely, from roof to basement (check out the great demolition video below). After clearing out nearly 1,000 tonnes of debris, they built an entirely new steel building inside, wrapped with a gauzy steel-and-glass facade that wraps around the new building and sprouts from the roof. Read More >>

Venice's Beachfront Balconies Look Like Boxes of Sweets

"Behind the Edge" is an eye-popping series by photographer Luigui Bonaventura, who shoots the brightly-hued balconies of hotels in Jesolo Beach, a small coastal town outside of Venice, Italy. The pastel facades look like meticulously arranged boxes of salt water taffy. Read More >>

Don't Mistake This Ski Resort For the Actual Mountain

The Slow Horse is a hotel in a tiny ski town, which is fitting. It mimics its mountainous Northern Italy setting so closely, it wouldn't belong anywhere else. Read More >>

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Italian Jet Company Converts Passenger Plane Into the World's Most Stylish UAV

Dubbed the P.1HH HammerHead, this UAV is the result of a collaboration between Piaggio Aero and Selex ES based on the P-180 Avanti II, a twin-engine turboprop. The Avanti II is primarily utilised as a business jet with a 1400 NM range, though a "Special Mission" piloted derivative is also available for both emergency response and military operations. Read More >>

Apple Facing 30-Day Italian Shutdown Over Warranty Fight

Apple's Italian division is facing the crazy prospect of having all of its Apple Store branches closed for 30 days, as punishment for repeatedly ignoring local consumer protection laws and trying to sell punters extended warranties. Read More >>

Now You Can Buy an Entire Tuscan Village on eBay

That's right, anyone with a couple of million pounds to spare could be the lucky new owner of a whole Italian village. The place has been deserted for 50 years, so there's not even any pesky locals to deal with. Just think, you wouldn't even have to learn Italian. The deal includes 25 cottages and eight hectares of land with only deer, wild boar and some wolves for neighbours. Read More >>

Unspeakable Tragedy: £202 Million of Cheese Destroyed in Italian Earthquake

On Sunday, Northern Italy was rocked by a magnitude-6.0 earthquake. In the process, many cheese factories in the region suffered damage—and it is estimated that over 300,000 wheels of cheese, thought to be worth at least £202 million, have been destroyed. Read More >>

Giant Airbags Will Be Used To Float the Costa Concordia Back To Port

Starting next month the salvage operation for the capsized Costa Concordia will begin, with American and Italian companies being chosen to work together to bring the £400 million cruise ship back to port in one piece. Read More >>

Owners of Capsized Italian Cruise Ship Want to Save It With Something They Saw on MythBusters

It's been a month since the fatal sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. And, now that the half million gallons of on-board fuel are being safely siphoned off, the ship's owner must decide—raise it from the seabed with hundreds of thousands of ping-pong balls or call in the Jawas and have it dismantled for scrap. Read More >>

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The View Inside the Costa Concordia Makes My Head Spin

Since the Costa Concordia ran aground in Italy, it's been listing at an incredible angle, almost sitting on its side. It looks weird enough from the outside, but images taken by the Italian Navy make my head hurt. Read More >>

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The Italian Sunken Ship From Space Looks Surreally Peaceful

Digital Globe has directed one of their Worldview satellites to the island of Giglio, Italy, to see how the Costa Concordia shipwreck looks from space. It's surreal to see the ship peacefully sitting there on its side. Especially because it's not. Read More >>

Neanderthals and Modern Humans, Like, Got Busy

Despite representing different stages of human evolution, it looks like European Homo Sapiens might have had a penchant for a little Neanderthal booty. Or vice versa. Read More >>


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