5 Features iTunes 11 Still Needs

iTunes 11 is the best thing to happen to Apple's media hub in a long time. But while the cosmetic changes are nice, there are still plenty of underlying problems with iTunes that need to be addressed. At its core, iTunes is still just a shopping mall with a snazzy jukebox attached. But it could be so much more. Read More >>

iTunes 11 Is Finally Out: Here's What's New

Apple's slightly overdue update to iTunes is out. Finally. It's a sizable re-imagining of a piece of software used by a massive amount of people. So you should probably take a minute or two to acquaint yourself with the new stuff. Here's what's changed. Read More >>

WSJ: iTunes 11 to Be Released Today

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will finally release iTunes 11, after a myriad of manufacturing delays, today. Yep, that's right, today, finally. Considering it was meant to be released way back in October, it's better late than never, I guess. Read More >>

Who Is Eddy Cue? The Guy Who Fixes All of Apple's Problems

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services and Ferrari board member, is Apple's do everything, fix any problem man. According to WSJ, he's the guy who's in charge of fixing Apple Maps and Siri. Read More >>

Apple's Finally Going to Release iTunes 11 Any Minute Now

Apple said its next iteration of the now bloated and sluggish media hub, iTunes 11, would come first in October, then November. December is fast approaching and it's still not here yet, but according to notes sent out to music producers, it should be here any day now, despite America being on Thanskgiving. Read More >>

You're Going to Have to Hold Tight for iTunes 11

Apple's wish list for its revamped iTunes product is long, but near the top was an October release date. After it was an iPad mini event truant, iTunes seemed destined not to make the cut. Now, Apple tells AllThingsD, it's going to be another month: Read More >>

What's New in iTunes 11, and Does it Still Suck?

Apple announced a brand new version of iTunes alongside its iPhone 5 last night. Can it win us back from the lure of streaming services like Spotify, and is Ping really gone for good? Read More >>

iTunes 10.7 Is Out Now Ahead of October's Big Daddy Update

Today Apple announced iTunes 11—a huge update with a totally new look. To tide you over until its release, which isn't until October, Apple this afternoon released iTunes 10.7, which includes support for iOS 6 and new iPod Nanos and Shuffles. Obviously it's an smaller, albeit necessary update, but we know there's a huge one coming next month. [Apple via 9to5Mac] Read More >>

iTunes 11 Arrives With a New Look and New Features

Just in time for the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 comes iTunes 11, which has an even more streamlined appearance, "edge-to-edge" design, and more an overall more visual feeling. Read More >>


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