An Always-Listening App That Alerts the Hearing Impaired to Alarms

In an ideal world, every audible alarm would include a visual indication that something was wrong, so that the hearing impaired would immediately be notified too. Until that happens, a cheap £0.69 app called Deafalarm could serve as a viable alternative—keeping an ear out for alarms and alerting the user through text and vibrating alerts. Read More >>

Just Tap Your Phone on Every Wall and This App Will Draw a Floorplan

It's not a bad idea to measure a room before you go out and buy new furniture. And if you've got an iPhone, that becomes less of an ordeal because you can trade your tape measure for this slick app called RoomScan. It automatically generates floorplans by simply tapping your phone on every wall. Read More >>

This App Guarantees You've Always Got a Deck of Cards on Hand

When a deck is available, it's probably the easiest way to start up a quick game of cards with a group of friends. But while many of us have a smartphone on hand 24/7, few of us have a deck of cards in our pockets as well. Which is why this app that creates a virtual deck and a virtual card table on an iPad is so wonderful. Read More >>

Finally, Goatse Lands in the App Store

How the iTunes App Store approval process works is still a complete mystery to those on the outside. Seemingly innocuous apps get rejected all the time, while a game like Word of the Rings with an icon that pays tribute to the infamous Goatse image have no problem passing muster. Read More >>

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Clever Doorbell App Automatically Calls Your Friends When You Get To Their Door

As long as the contacts listed in your iPhone include their full address, the Pocket Doorbell app will use your location data to automatically call or text them when you get to their place. Read More >>

An App That Promises Riches, Travel, and Love—In Your Dreams

Companies make a lot of claims about their products to help sell them, but this new app from a Japanese ad agency goes to the extreme, promising wealth, travel, love, and even the ability to fly, at least while you sleep. Read More >>

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TypeWay iPad Keyboard Adapts To Fit Your Hands Perfectly

The limitations of typing on a touchscreen hinder how effective tablets can be as productivity tools. There is hope, though, at least for iPad users. This TypeWay keyboard supposedly makes things easier, by adapting the key layout for each user. Read More >>

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Audi Ad Turns the iPad's Slide To Unlock Into a Twisting Driving Course

Before you get too excited, you can't actually turn your iPad or iPhone's "slide to unlock" feature into a twisting race course. What you see here is actually an interactive ad created by Audi for the iPad, promoting their magazine. Read More >>

Acoustical Ruler App Measures Distances With Your iPhone Like a Submarine

Thanks to a new app that uses the same approach as submarines for measuring distance, you can now add 'semi-reliable tape measure' to the list of things your iOS devices can do. Read More >>

Belkin's iPhone Camera Remote Revealed

Like an older sibling who spoils the surprise ending of a movie, the FCC has revealed photos and details of Belkin's upcoming wireless camera remote for the iPhone. Except that in this case, the surprise is no Keyser Söze. Read More >>

Philips Has a Free App To Battle iPhone Battery Woes

A supposed fix to the iPhone 4S' battery life issues is on the way from Apple, but until the update is officially released to the public, Philips has stepped up to the plate with a useful app that will help you maximise the battery life on any iOS device. Read More >>


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