Wave Goodbye to 99p Downloads as UK Digital Sales Tax Loophole is Closed

Picking up a new eBook or MP3 may be about to get a fair whack more expensive, as Chancellor George Osbourne has moved in his latest budget to close a tax loophole that was allowing digital retailers to pay low foreign VAT rates on eBook, MP3 and app sales. Read More >>

Report: Apple is Negotiating an On-Demand Music Service Like Spotify

Billboard reports that Apple has been talking to record labels about potentially launching an on-demand music service that would compete with Spotify and Beats Music. Read More >>

God Help Us: There's Now a Dedicated Selfie Section in the App Store

Just in case you were feeling a little too happy with humanity, here's something to change your tune: Apple now has a dedicated Selfie section in the iOS App Store. Read More >>

Can a Music Industry Simulator Shame People into Quitting Piracy?

That's the idea behind Music Inc, a new game funded by UK Music and the Intellectual Property Office. The idea is you manage an upcoming band or artist, then watch as their hopes and dreams are smashed by relentless internet piracy of their work. Will it shame anyone into pausing their torrents to think? Read More >>

Report: Apple's Expanding Mobile Payment to Physical Goods

The Wall Street Journal is hearing rumours that Apple wants to expand its mobile payment capabilities beyond iTunes purchases, moving into the space dominated by names like Square, PayPal, and Google. Read More >>

how to
How to Make the Switch from iOS to Android

You've been hanging back, waffling back and forth. Android or iPhone? But it's decision time, and you've made the call: it's time to trade in the apple pie for some Kit Kats. Here's how to do it right. Read More >>

Half-Price iTunes Voucher is Your Fill-Yer-Cart-With Beyoncé Deal of the Day

Some people aren't too keen on the idea of torrents and still pay for their downloadable entertainment. These people are honest and probably rather old. Meanwhile, musicians themselves throw any old crap out as they look elsewhere to make their money, like adverts or film deals or charging people far too much for vinyl. Read More >>

Beyoncé's Surprise New Album Crashed iTunes Overnight

Overnight, Beyonce released her fifth studio album without warning. Referred to as the "visual album" and entitled Beyoncé, it was made exclusively available on iTunes without any announcement—and has already made quite an impact. Read More >>

With HMV Re-Opened, Can You Teach An Old Music-Loving Dog New Tricks?

The first record I ever bought was from HMV. It was Weezer’s Green Album, and while I can’t pretend it was the moment that my obsession with music kicked off (I’ll put that down to the literal wall of CDs that acted as structural support for my older brothers’ bedroom), it is a moment that I remember incredibly vividly. And, for the record, its was a great album too. Read More >>

20 Per Cent Off iTunes Giftcards Is Your "I'm No Pirate" Deal of the Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Bargainsville, where pockets are liberated from the constraints of this damned recession, allowing us all to live like Queens. Read More >>

EA Shocks Gamers With "Free" Android and iOS FIFA 14

EA's annual FIFA mega-franchise has arrived on Android and iOS, with the publishing giant making the shock move of releasing this year's mobile version of FIFA 14 for free. We suspect there may just be one or two in-app purchases lurking inside it, though. Read More >>

ios 7
How Different Your Favourite Apps Look in iOS 7

All that chatter about the death of skeuomorphism, the rise of flat design, and what that means for the next major incarnation of Apple's mobile OS have all been leading up to today. And truth be told, it's beautiful. But that's on Apple's end, the real question is how well app developers are going to adapt to this new ecosystem. Read More >>

GTA V's iFruit Companion App Lets You Walk Your Dog and Paint Your Car

There's an extra bit of GTA V excitement in store for iOS users today, thanks to Rockstar launching its iFruit companion app for Apple users. It's not a joke. It lets you customise your in-game car, walk your pretend dog and more. Read More >>

Apple Fans Furious Over Breaking Bad Series Split Making Bittorrent Still the Favourite Viewing Platform

The final series of cult US show Breaking Bad was split into two parts for some reason, with the two-part approach causing angst among Apple users who thought they'd bought a season pass to watch the whole thing. Now they're being asked to pay again for the second bunch of episodes. Read More >>

Holy Shit I Just Spent £152 on Candy Crush, Help

I don't understand. It's just Bejeweled. With candy. What's the big deal? Innocent words from a better time. A better place. Before I'd ever made that deplorable journey to the App Store and downloaded... it. Candy Crush Saga. Now, about a month later, I've lost a little over £152, hours of battery life, and any remaining semblance of dignity. Hello, my name is Ashley Feinberg, and I have a Candy Crush problem. Read More >>

iTunes Radio: Apple's Overhauled Music Experience Unleashed, But Not Available For UK Yet

After boundless speculation over the last year, Apple has finally announced its online streaming and music discovery service. This is how millions of people will listen to music from now on -- though not us here in the UK just yet. Read More >>


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