YouView Safe for a Further Five Years as BBC Pledges Continued Support

YouView's good to go for another five years after retaining the support and investment of all its major backers. Read More >>

Spitting Image Turns 30 -- Here are Our Five Favourite Moments

If you're a bit old, you might remember Sundays in the 1980s. They weren't very good. Everything was closed. They were usually quite foggy as Morrissey once accurately pointed out, plus the TV was full of sport, pages from Ceefax and Bullseye. The highlight was 10.00pm and the coming of Spitting Image, the first time anyone had ever laughed on a Sunday. Read More >>

Lego Took Over an Entire Ad Break and Re-Made Popular Ads Using, Yup, Lego

If you were watching ITV's Dancing On Ice on Sunday night (don't worry, we weren't either), you may've spotted something rather special -- an entire ad break taken over by Lego, to promote Warner Bros.' The Lego Movie, which is released on the 14th. Advertising within advertising? We're so confused about which products we should be buying right now! Read More >>

ITV and Vodafone Named as Possible Buyers of Channel 5

A suite of the world's cash-richest companies are said to be in line to buy Channel 5, with the owner of the TV network looking for around £700m to hand it over. Considering Richard Desmond's media group bought the station for £103.5m back in 2010, that'd be a nice little profit for him. [FT & THR via Digital Spy] Read More >>

Cable TV Tech Boss Joins Apple to Help Create "Something Big"

Apple has acquired itself a new employee working under the job title of Engineering Director, with Jean-Francois Mulé apparently now feeling "Challenged, inspired and part of something big" at Apple. Presumably it's the long-awaited iTV streaming set-top box thing Apple fans have been dribbling about for years. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple Event For New iPads and Haswell-Powered iMacs Will Be Oct 15th

Apple might be about to refresh its desktop Mac and iPad ranges next month, with rumours suggesting a new gathering of the faithful is scheduled for October 15th. Read More >>

android apps
ITV Player App Now Available For Non-Samsung Android Devices

The Korean Won which presumably transferred from Samsung's HSBC account to ITV's Barclays account has now been frittered away on boozy trifles for Sally Webster's garden parties on Corrie, which is good news for the rest of us -- Samsung's three-month exclusive hold on the ITV Player app has ended. That means anyone with an Android 2.3+ device can now catch up on ITV shows. [Google Play] Read More >>

Does This Marmite Advert Leave a Bad Taste In Your Mouth?

Love it or hate it, you can't deny Marmite is a powerful brand. And when it decided to take a very cheeky poke at some sensitive subjects in its new "End Marmite Neglect" ad campaign, it seemingly ruffled quite a few feathers. 250 in fact. For an ad, in less than 24 hours. Impressive. Read More >>

Rebooted Kids Klassic Knightmare Now Live on YouTube

The return of ITV adventure game series Knightmare has landed, with Google using the promise of a new episode of the innovative old CG puzzle quest to promote the launch of its Geek Week in the UK. Read More >>

Kids Classic Knightmare Revived to Plug YouTube's Geek Week

Bizarre before-its-time ITV CG puzzle show Knightmare is about to return for the next generation of TV-obsessed children, thanks to YouTube and UK production company Channel Flip combining to satisfy the cravings of 30-somethings across the country. Read More >>

Samsung Bags Bafflingly Irritating Exclusive on ITV Player Android App

For some utterly bizarre reason, probably to do with an enormous amount of Korean Won hitting ITV's bank account, Samsung and ITV have joined up to make the updated ITV Player Android app a Samsung exclusive -- meaning you need a Samsung phone or tablet to install it. Read More >>

All the Crappy ITV Channels Are Now in HD on Virgin

When you're watching ITV 4, you're probably not fussed whether Police, Camera, Action is in HD or not, but good news -- now every ITV channel, 1 through 4, is in HD on Virgin. So, you no longer have to put up with substandard picture quality as well as substandard programming. [Virgin] Read More >>

TVCatchup Does Break Copyright Rules -- Will Have to Ditch Channels to Continue

The ongoing legal case between some of the UK's big ad-funded TV networks and streaming site TVCatchup has come its latest conclusion, with the European court of Justice ruling that any streaming services must get permission from the original broadcaster to redistribute their feeds. And that's very unlikely to be granted. Read More >>

What Do You Think of ITV's New Child-Like Logo?

ITV's just launched its total rebrand, the biggest change to the UK's second biggest broadcaster in the last 12 years, and it's not exactly gone over well. The critical response has been pretty much universally bad, but what do you think? Has ITV just become hip, or is a logo that looks like a child practicing joined-up writing the embodiment of fail? Read More >>

The Queen's Going to be Blazing Your Christmas Booze-Loaded Eyeballs in 3D This Year

The thrilling national address from that old woman who's on all the money is going to be even more exciting than usual this year, thanks to plans to broadcast the Queen's Speech in 3D for the first time. Read More >>

You Can Now Rent ITV's Ad-Free Back Catalogue on the ITV Player

After hearing that ITV wanted to start selling shows to you, ITV's catalogue is now online and ready for your hard-earned-cash renting. Want to see that classic episode of Stingray? That'll be 99p please. Fancy watching a whole series? Boxsets are available to stream for 90 days for around £5 a pop. Read More >>


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