Rumour: Apple's iWatch to Muscle in on an iPhone 6 September Event?

With Google showing its wearables hand with the reveal of Android Wear and its forthcoming slew of compatible devices, the attention now turns to Apple. The long-rumoured iWatch is now being tipped for a September reveal -- alongside the iPhone 6. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple is Working on a 12-inch Fanless MacBook

According to a forum poster on, Apple is planning on releasing a new 12-inch laptop as an alternative to the current 11.3- and 11.6-inch MacBook Air models. Read More >>

The Gadgets You Should Buy in 2014

Whilst we're all still reeling in the aftermath of the gadget glutton-fest that was CES and MWC, it's worth remembering that if there's more to your world than iPhone cases and Bluetooth toothbrushes; the best is yet to come this year. Here's the stuff that will probably warrant your attention in the next twelve months. Read More >>

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Imagining Life With the iWatch

Apple's making a smartwatch. By now that's a foregone conclusion. What we don't know, though, is what an iWatch will be. Although the people who are making it might offer us some clues. Read More >>

New Rumours Suggest Apple's iWatch is a Simple Peripheral and No Smartwatch Powerhouse

More possible facts about Apple's forthcoming wearable device have appeared online, with the latest rumours suggesting it's likely to be a Bluetooth-only companion device, rather than an all-out attempt to shoehorn modern smart features into a watch. After all, make it too good and people won't buy iPhones. Read More >>

iWatch Could Lead to Home Automation Apple Products

Even at this early stage of the bourgeoning smartwatch market, we think we can pretty much second guess what any connected wrist watch will offer, from health tracking apps to phone companion features. Apple's oft-touted iWatch could be a very different beast however, potentially acting as the catalyst for a whole bunch of Apple home automation products. Read More >>

17 Reasons Smartwatches Won't Work (Yet)

The cascade of smartwatch rumours — be they iWatch, Surface, or other — increases daily. By this point, smartwatches of every shape and stripe seem inevitable. But there are so, so many reasons why they shouldn't happen. Not any time soon, at least. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Working on Translucent, Aluminium Smartwatch

An iWatch may still be a distant dream, but at least Microsoft fans have a glimmer of hope. According to "sources familiar with Micosoft's Surface plans," a translucent, aluminium smart watch could soon be hugging wrists everywhere. Read More >>

FT: Apple Hiring Blitz Suggests the iWatch Is a Way Off

A few months ago, a rash of headlines suggested you'd be wearing an iWatch on your wrist by the end of the year. They were almost certainly wrong — and now a Financial Times report suggests we could be in for an even longer wait. Read More >>

Sorry, Apple, Someone Else Owns the iWatch Trademark in the UK

Apple's been gearing up for its long rumoured smart watch project for some time, although there may be some problem with using the anticipated "iWatch" name in the UK -- someone already owns it. Read More >>

Apple Files for "iWatch" Name Trademark in Japan

We've previously seen some vague Russian trademarking activity surrounding the expected future Apple smartwatch, now it's gone one step further -- the actual iWatch name has come up for registration in Japan. Read More >>

Apple's Russian Division Rolls Up Its Sleeve and Registers "iWatch" Trademarks

There may soon be even more wrist action associated with Apple fans in the near future, thanks to the Russian wing of the company registering trademarks that seem to conform to the "iWatch" wearable computer/clock hybrid we're expecting Apple to launch as the next big thing in tech. Read More >>

An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

We've got just about as much (or really as little) information about Apple's fabled iWatch as we ever have, but it never stops being fun to fantasise a little. This latest concept whipped up by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best—and most Apple-like—we've seen yet. Read More >>

Why You'll End Up Wearing a Smart Watch

'People don't wear watches anymore. You'll look ridiculous. Why wouldn't you just use your smartphone instead'? These are just some of the negative sentiments skeptics are spewing about smart watches, which are still very much in their nascent stage. Guess what? They're wrong. Read More >>

Report: Google Is Making a Smart Watch Too

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is making its own version of a smart watch. What's interesting is that it's not Google's experimental arm 'X Labs' developing the watch, but rather Google's Android unit. According to the FT, this smart watch would be completely different from Samsung's smart watch (which is also reportedly in development). Google's version of the smart watch is rumoured to be an extension of Android onto the wrist. Read More >>

The Nicest Apple iWatch Concept Yet

We've been hearing about a mythical Apple "iWatch" for a while now, to varying degrees of credibility, but this one from the April issue of MacUser magazine is probably the prettiest — and most plausibly Apple — interpretation we've seen. Read More >>


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