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This Awesome Two-Minute Skyfall Trailer Will Show You Why Bond Is Best

We've seen a couple of trailers now, and a load of gorgeous DB5-featuring images, but this complete two-minute trailer will tell you everything you need to know about Skyfall. Time to break out the credit card and book those tickets. Read More >>

What's It Like to Spend One Minute as James Bond?

Most marketing stunts are just plain annoying, but every once in a while one comes along that doesn't make you completely hate the company behind it. Such is the case with this cross-promotion for Coke Zero and the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which turned unsuspecting travelers into James Bond for one very exciting minute. Read More >>

Brosnan Was a Stone-Cold Killer, But Craig Is By Far the Biggest Boozer

We've had six Bonds in 50 years, and while everyone has their favourite, which Bond was the most badass? Which Bond got his leg over the most, and who's the one with the highest blood alcohol level? Who is the best Bond? Read More >>

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*Reminder Klaxon* Get Your Entries In For This Month's 3D Printing Challenge

We've extended the deadline for this month's James Bond-themed 3D Printing Challenge, as have only received two -- yes, two! -- entries. So, if you want to win a Tokyoflash watch of your choosing, please get your entries in by Friday 19th. [3D Printing Challenge] Read More >>

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How Much Does Bond Cost the UK Taxpayer?

Despite the fact that infographics are, well, a bit overdone these days, when it comes to Bond I have a bit of a weakness. Apparently 007 costs us Brits quite a bit, especially as nothing he uses seems to survive longer than 10 minutes (remember that poor BMW Z8 that got cut in half?). Q's budget must be absolutely enormous. Read More >>

How Many People Has James Bond Killed in All of His Movies?

352. That's James Bond's number of kills in all his movies. From Dr. No to Quantum of Solace, Connery to Craig. This lovely infographic from Brendan Dawes (which was inspired by Dr. No's title sequence) breaks down each kill from each movie. Read More >>

How Realistic Are All of James Bond's Weapons and Gadgets?

When I was a wee pup, my favourite thing about James Bond movies were the scenes with Q. Back then, getting a peek behind the laboratory of insane gadgets and wild weapons was just as cool as killing bad guys in a tuxedo and sleeping with women without one. But how real were those movie-world gadgets? Giz favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson analysed and fact-checked Bond weapons to see which were scientifically viable. Read More >>

An Action-Packed Bond Double-Pack Blu-Ray Is Your "Shaken Not Stirred" Deal of The Day

Bond is back! Soon. Yes, it’s almost time for the new 007 movie to be spewed on to cinema screens around the world. It’s called Skyfall, but we’re pronouncing it ‘Skiffle’ – and we’re certain that you won’t be able to resist doing the same now that you’ve read that. Read More >>

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Skyfall Has Some Serious Underwater Kickass

Skyfall, the next James Bond movie, is going to have some serious underwater fights. They have been filmed in the only underwater stage in the planet, a 20-by-10-metre pool that is almost 6m deep and contains 1.2 million litres of water. Read More >>

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Apparently Bond's Somewhere in the South China Sea

Skyfall's got a new TV spot, and it shows off even more awesome Bond moments. Apparently 007's been relaxing in the South China see, well, we say relaxing, but only in a way someone licensed to kill could. Oh, and watch out, Javier Bardem's masquerading as a London copper. Where's Matt when you need him? Read More >>

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Oh Yes, Javier Bardem Is Going to Be the Best Bond Villain Since Oddjob

A new international Skyfall trailer has just been released and it's got a whole load more Javier Bardem -- boy, is he one creepy-looking dude. Every good Bond film needs a solid villain and I reckon Bardem has the chops to be the best yet. Read More >>

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The 3D Printing Challenge Theme Is Bond. James Bond.

Skyfall! It's all we can think about here at Giz UK, but luckily there are just...59 days until cinemas reload their pistols with the latest in the James Bond series. With our latest 3D Printing Challenge, we want you to look at the Bond universe: the cars; the martinis; the guns; the Bond girls, and create a 3D render to be in with the chance to win a model of your own design, plus a Tokyoflash watch. Read More >>

Sponsorship-Gone-Mad Flame Passes to James Bond Coke

Now the Olympics and its crazed corporate branding madness has receded it's time for others to get in on the capitalist sponsorship money-grab, with Coke revealing plans for special Skyfall-branded cans of its popular brown fluid. Read More >>

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Is Javier Bardem Not the Creepiest-Looking Bond Villain Ever?

October 26th, Skyfall's release date, is rapidly approaching, so it's about time to start getting those movie posters out there.'s released them for your approval, and let's just say, Skyfall's villain looks like one seriously creepy badass. Read More >>

A Whole Channel Dedicated to James Bond -- Why the Hell Not?

Bond's been pretty busy of late, what with driving the gorgeous DB5, getting shot off a train, and escorting the Queen on her Olympic skydive, but now he's getting his very own channel. Read More >>

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This Brand New Full-Length Trailer Shows Why Skyfall Will Be Awesome

Hot damn do we have something tasty for you to ogle at this Tuesday afternoon. Q's back with the classic Walther PPK, upgraded, of course; Bond gets shot clean off a train, and MI6 gets blown up, again. If you needed a good excuse to get excited about the next epic-looking Bond film, Skyfall, this is it. Read More >>


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