Goldfinger's Aston Martin DB5 Pulling into London Bond Car Exhibition

The London Film Museum and Bond movie producer EON has assembled what they claim is the largest single collection of cars used in the James Bond films, with the exhibit set to open to the public on March 21st. Read More >>

James Bond Skyfall Blu-ray Bargain is Your "Shaken, Not Skint" Deal of the Day

When most men put a suit on, they suddenly feel like James Bond. They mess with their cuffs and walk a little taller, even if they've only got a suit on because they're going to court for not paying child-support. However, you're not James Bond until you've killed thousands of people, had unprotected sex in every country of the world and had someone swing a knotted rope at your balls. Read More >>

James Bond Was an Alcoholic Mess Who Couldn't Hold a Spoon, Suggest Anti-Booze Doctors

Here's a pleasing message for those of you who plan to purposefully drink yourself to unconsciousness several times over the next fortnight, courtesy of a few doctors, who suggest Bond's preference for shaken Martinis may be to mask his alcohol-induced shakes. Read More >>

The Moon, Lasers, and the Ultimate James Bond Torture Device

This week, we learned that NASA can beam data to the moon — at a frankly astounding 622Mbps — using a high powered laser. Sounds like cutting edge modern tech? Perhaps. But it also sounds like the best weapon from the best scene of the best James Bond movie ever made: Goldfinger. Read More >>

Every Secret Agent Wannabe Needs a Quadcopter Belt of Death

You could probably argue there are worse offenders, but there's no denying that James Bond's Thunderball jetpack is definitely up there in the pantheon of ridiculous(ly awesome) 00-gadgets. Tinkerer Rodger Cleye recently tried to put a more modern spin on the concept, and the result is this still-ridiculous-but-fully-functioning quadcopter "belt." Read More >>

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This is What Kick-Arse Spy Action Would Look Like Through Google Glass

I'm not quite sure what's happening here, just a load of people getting shot, kicked, and bludgeoned to death. Oh, and lots and lots of totally badass first-person stunts. If you kitted out James Bond or Jason Bourne with Google Glass, this is probably what it would look like. [Ilya Naishuller via Kotaku] Read More >>

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Now You Can Actually Drive a Car With Your iPad, James Bond-Style

Ever wished you were James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, with his BMW 5 series he drove using a touchpad on an Ericsson phone? Yeah, me too, and while no, you can't drive a BMW with your phone (yet), you can drive a Vauxhall with your iPad. Read More >>

Even James Bond Isn't Immune to Data Theft (Skyfall Competition Below)

With society becoming increasingly mobile, the importance of keeping your data safe has never been more in the public eye. The issue is even spreading into popular culture, what with James Bond having to combat the leaking of every MI6 agent's details onto the internet in his latest adventure Skyfall. Read More >>

Watch All the James Bonds In This Animated GIF

Sometimes GIFs are funny. Other times they are horrifying. And then, some feature Hitler. But, on occasion, you find the absolutely perfect GIF. This, my friends, is one of those GIFs. Read More >>

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The Winner of Our James Bond-Themed 3D Printing Challenge Is...

As expected, Skyfall stormed the cinemas; broke some records, and even had a few of us reaching for our tissues during that scene. While the rest of us are now looking forwards to The Hobbit, opening next month, one talented Giz UK reader will soon be receiving a pretty unique Skyfall souvenir -- designed by their own fair hands in our 3D Printing Challenge. Read More >>

The Government Actually Listed a Job Posting For a 00 Agent

Ever wanted to be a secret agent like James Bond? If so, you're probably a little insane, but the government's official job site briefly posted an opening for a position called "Target Elimination Specialist." The job code? 007. No doubt it comes with a license to kill. Read More >>

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Skyfall Filmmakers 3D-Printed This Rare Aston Martin So They Wouldn't Damage the Original

These days filmmakers often turn to computer graphics for scenes of destruction that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to stage in real life. But Skyfall posed a different problem. Namely that the effects crew didn't want to damage a priceless 1960 Aston Martin DB 5 that appeared in the original Bond film 50 years ago. Read More >>

This Slingshot Spy-Pistol Is Fit for a 00 Agent

James Bond has quite the arsenal of high-tech gadgets, plenty of which would be awesome if they were real. And though slingshot master Joerg Sprave may not make the highest tech weapons, I'm sure Bond could find a way to make use of this silent but deadly slingshot spy-pistol. Read More >>

Bond Films Earn More When James Drives British

The formula for success when it comes to make Bond films has been uncovered. Stick him in something British and don't let him anywhere near a Renault 11. Read More >>

The Stig is Alive and Well and Doing the Stunt Driving in Skyfall

Ben Collins, who spent seven years being The Stig on BBC's Top Gear before getting himself sacked and relegated to Channel 5's Fifth Gear for outing himself as being the anonymous race driver, has got himself the fantastic new gig of driving Bond's DB5 in the new Skyfall movie. Read More >>

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Meet the New Q: He's Got Some Spunk, This Kid

It looks like Bond might have met his match in the new Q. He might be a tad on the young side, but he's certainly no pushover -- more Desmond Llewelyn's "oh shut-up Bond" than John Cleese's crazy, all-over-the-place Q, as this brand new Skyfall clip shows. Read More >>


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