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These Star Wars Parkour Guys Are Probably Real Life Jedis

If you dress up like a Jedi on a day that's not October 31st (even if it is October 31st, actually), you're probably going to be branded a geek. Wear that proudly! But if you dress up like a Jedi and do parkour tricks in the freaking desert, while looking like you're in a chase sequence for the next Star Wars movie, well, you're still a geek, but one everyone's envious of. Read More >>

How to Be an Absolute Dick and Prank People With Star Wars

Want to prank people with the power of the Force? Get in a lift and wave your hand like a Jedi while a buddy hits the button from outside. I'm sure it'll work. Just be prepared for the other people in the lift to death grip you post prank -- frankly, they'd be well within their rights to slice you up with a lightsabre. [YouTube via Geeks are Sexy via io9] Read More >>

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This Is What It Would Look Like to Actually Be Darth Vader Slicing Up a Jedi

Ever wondered what it would be like, first-person-style, in a battle between Darth Vader and a Jedi? Wonder no more, because you can now watch Vader death grip some hapless lightsabre wielder through his own two eyes. Brilliant. Read More >>

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Watch Hundreds Of New Yorkers Battle Like Darth Maul

New York City's Washington Square Park was the host to a giant Lightsaber Battle. Almost a thousand people showed up to battle it out in epic Star Wars style. Read More >>


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