The Plan to Turn Jellyfish Into Nappies and Paper Towels

Of the many problems on Earth, here are two: there are too many jellyfish in the sea, and there are too many nappies in our landfills. An Israeli nanotech start-up called Cine'al says it has found the answer to both in Hydromash, a super-absorbent material made from the bodies of jellyfish. But why stop at nappies? Cine'al says jellyfish tampons, paper towels, and medical sponges could all be part of our absorbent future. Read More >>

Why This Glow in the Dark Ice Cream Costs £140 a Pop

Of all the unique varieties that Ben & Jerry's has concocted over the years, nothing can come close to the wonderful absurdity that is this glowing ice cream created by Charlie Francis. Using a synthesised version of the luminescent proteins that cause jellyfish to glow when they're agitated, this gleaming frozen treat actually gets brighter as you lick it. Read More >>

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Scientists Create Robot Intent on Jellyfish Destruction

A team of scientists from Korea have invented something that every eight-year-old kid would surely love to have on his Christmas list -- a Jellyfish shredding robot that obliterates nearly a tonne of the slippery stingers per hour. Read More >>

monster machines
This Underwater Terminator Is a Floating Jellyfish Abattoir

With the continuing collapse of fisheries around the world, a new balance of power is being set in the open oceans, one where jellies are the dominant biomass, not more modern vertebrates. This is not good. Read More >>

Jellyfish-Inspired Microchip Captures Cancer Cells

The mesmerising movements of jellyfish have inspired researchers to design all sorts of things, from mechatronic jellyfish that function as autonomous robots to artificial jellyfish built from rat cells and silicone. Now scientists have built a jellyfish-inspired microchip that can capture cancer and other rare cells in human blood. Read More >>


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