Jet Lag Pill Could Correct a Wonky Body Clock After a Night Shift Down the Disco

Researchers looking into how certain hormones work inside the brain have come up with the concept of a jet lag treatment, one that could reset the body's internal clock by performing a factory reset of our natural rhythms by suppressing an enzyme that effects the brain. Read More >>

How to Keep Travel From Wrecking Your Body

It goes without saying that modern methods of travel — planes, trains, and automobiles — are a hell of a lot better than ye olde horse and buggy days, but convenience has a cost. Many hours of remaining sedentary exact a serious tax on your body. While nothing you do can make a long trip a zero-impact affair, there are some things you can do to mitigate the stresses you put on your physique. Read More >>

Nuke Jet Lag and Look Like a Complete Idiot Doing It

Loads of people say they have the cure for jet lag, from a ballpoint pen rubbed on your big toe, to starving yourself on the plane, but the folks behind the 'Re-Timer' reckon, through science, they've finally got the answer: an insane-looking pair of green, light-up glasses that trick your brain into resetting your body clock. Read More >>


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