These Intricate Collars That Look Like Fish Bones are Actually 3D-Printed

These complex collars look like like they're made from freaky shark jaws or the skeleton of some crazy underwater menace, but they were actually directly produced from a 3D printer. Read More >>

This Watch Accurately Tracks Moon Phases For 122 Years

Everyone wants to be the centre of the universe, but solipsism doesn't always mesh well with that whole socialising/respecting other people thing. So keep the truth to yourself and just look at your Arnold & Son's watch whenever you want to commune with the sky above. Read More >>

What Could Be Cooler Than a Luxury Watch Made From Dead AK-47s?

Smart watches fart watches. Why would you want to have your email on your wrist when you could have an impossibly badass — and doubtless expensive — analogue sucker made of reclaimed AK-47 steel wrapped around your arm. Read More >>

Are Double Ears a Genetic Disorder Or a Freaky Fashion Trend?

Whoa. It's probably a little too late on a Saturday to fully comprehend what you're seeing here, but artist Percy Lau has created this trippy earring design which makes it look like you've got a smaller ear growing off your lobe. Freaky. Read More >>

This Silicone Rolex Watch Isn't Ashamed That It's an Incredibly Obvious Fake

Any random person on the street could easily spot Shelter Serra's silicone Rolex watches as being obvious knock-offs. But that's exactly their point. They're cool because they're so obviously fake—not only lacking the famous sweeping second hand, but any branded markings whatsoever. Read More >>

Astronomically Expensive Wedding Rings Made from Space Gold

Space Gold, as we all know, is the rarest and most-expensive form of precious metal known to ma—wait, whaddya mean it's just regular gold that's been shot into space? And they want how much?!?! Read More >>


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