John Lewis Says "Oh God, It's Christmas" With 2013's Twee TV Advert

It is time. Time to start dreading people demanding things of you. Time to start losing weight so you can get fatter. Time to start wondering who's going to get divorced or killed or dissolved in a vat of acid on EastEnders. It's nearly bloody Christmas again and John Lewis has made an advert alerting the miserable men of the nation to take cover. Read More >>

Buy Anything With an Internet Connection and Get Free Broadband For Six Months

Did you know John Lewis did broadband? No, neither did the rest of the planet. And that's why if you buy anything with an internet connection -- be it a printer, tablet or laptop -- the department store will gift you six-whole-months of free broadband. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Want a Microsoft Surface? You Can Now Buy Them From John Lewis

Despite it being the Surface packing the worst of Windows 8's mixed-up UI (desktop Office, really?), without the benefits of being able to, you know, actually run Windows applications, the Windows RT-packing Surface could be your perfect tablet. Maybe. Now you can actually buy one in the UK, on the High Street too. Read More >>

John Lewis Channels Raymond Briggs for 2012 Christmas TV Ad

A snowman and an acoustic cover version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's The Power of Love are the stars of this year's John Lewis TV advert, which retells the story of the annual epic struggle to find the missus an appropriate gift. Read More >>

John Lewis to Flog the Barnes & Noble Nook in the UK

We heard Amazon's biggest competitor in the US, Barnes & Noble, was firing a duo of ereaders onto our shores (hopefully bringing with them their bigger, Android-powered brother along too), but now we know where you can buy 'em. Right in good ol'John Lewis. Read More >>

John Lewis (Yes, the Shop) Launches Broadband Packages

The high street chain is about to become an ISP, offering a range of broadband contracts between £11 and £25 a month. It'll even take on your phone line if you like. Read More >>

The New iPad Has Arrived In the UK, But Where Can You Still Get One? (Updated)

If you’re not already in a queue for the new iPad, chances are you’re not going to get one from Apple today. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your mitts on one today, or at the very least sooner than 2-3 weeks, but you’re going to have to do some searching around. Here are the best places to look. Read More >>

Free Is Not Free If It's Included In the Price According to the ASA

The Advertising Standards Agency has rapped John Lewis on the knuckles for using 'free' to describe something that's included in the price of an item. The complaint was levelled by Dixons, but upheld by the ASA. Read More >>


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