Poor Taste LG Promo Says Mobiles Cause Brain Tumours, Infertility and Cataracts

LG has blamed "cultural differences" for the lack of riotous laughter regarding its promotional stickers for the Knock Code system, claiming the light-hearted references to phone radiation causing brain tumours were just a... joke. Oh, we get it now! Ha ha! Cancer! Read More >>

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Smiley Face Emoticon Tweet Earns Policeman a Disciplinary

Whoever was left in charge of the Sussex Police Twitter account this week won themselves an unfortunate bollocking, after they dared to respond to a sarcastic question about corruption within the force with a simple smiley-face emoticon. Read More >>

Are You Smart Enough to Understand These Super Nerdy Jokes?

I wish smart people could be dumb sometimes though. Life would be easier that way. [BuzzFeed Yellow] Read More >>

All The Recurring Jokes in Arrested Development Visualised

Watch enough Arrested Development—I mean, is there really such a thing as enough?—and you become party to a long and intricate series of recurring jokes. Now, you can feast your eyes on an interactive visualisation that lets you take a closer look at where the gags crop up. Read More >>

Describing Tech Companies As File Menu Commands

Matt Gemmell, developer of Mac and iOS apps, created a little funny about tech companies and file menu commands. Using TextEdit's actual File menu, Gemmell used it to describe tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and more. My favourite might be describing HP as just a printing company. See the full picture here. [@MattGemmell] Read More >>

What Facebook's Real Facebook Home Would Look Like

Facebook announced a phone! No, Facebook just announced Facebook Home. Facebook announced a home? No, it's just a home screen. Hmm... what would a real Facebook home actually look like? The guys at Joy of Tech wondered just that and created a comic that shows what Facebook distilled into a home would look like. Foundation built by Winklevii, open doors because no privacy, tunnels for "friends" to come in, Instagram cameras set up at the dinner table and so much more. Read More >>

Is This the PS4 or Just Another Crappy Bluetooth Speaker?

Sony's teasing something over on its Facebook page. It looks like a red, round thing that pops open. It might reveal a PS4 disc tray or, more likely, the hole you plug your MP3 player into in order to get the party started. Or, even less thrillingly, it might be an Easter egg. A joke. A stupid, rubbish joke, that we've just fallen for. What do you think? Thing or no thing? [Facebook] Read More >>

Modern Monopoly Highlights the Shame of Today's UK High Street

A Tesco. Another Tesco. A boarded up something, and another Tesco. That's what you can expect to see in this ultra-modern version of Monopoly, which takes inspiration from the depressing lows of today's miserable, recession-hit society. Read More >>

Here's the Funniest Prank You Can Pull on Facebook

This Facebook user had a genius idea for a prank: find Facebook users with the same name as yourself, recreate their profile pictures as closely as possible and then send them a friend request. It's like seeing an alternate version of yourself and it's freaking hilarious. Read More >>

The Government Actually Listed a Job Posting For a 00 Agent

Ever wanted to be a secret agent like James Bond? If so, you're probably a little insane, but the government's official job site briefly posted an opening for a position called "Target Elimination Specialist." The job code? 007. No doubt it comes with a license to kill. Read More >>

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London's Underground Passengers Mocked By Prank Stickers

Travelling on the tube at peak times is a bizarre, vaguely-inhuman experience at the best of times. But recently the underground has become a whole lot stranger, and depending on your sense of humour, a whole lot funnier. Signs for navigation, safety and travel etiquette have been parodied by some wry-witted pranksters. Here's our top 5. Read More >>

Microsoft Puts its Big, Flabby Man Boobs Away and Apologises for Linux Joke

Hot from yesterday's shaming of a Microsoft coder's insertion of the childish "BIG BOOBS" hex code into a Linux routine, the software giant has apologised for its sexist slip and will be submitting some amended code to delete it from history. Read More >>

Microsoft Coder Makes Super-Lame "Big Boobs" Hex Joke

Reviving the sort of practise that wasn't even particularly funny back in the 1970s, a Microsoft coder has made the shameful error of naming a key piece of MS kernel code "0xB16B00B5" in hexadecimal. Which translates to human eyes as "Big Boobs." Give that man an E4 sitcom. Read More >>

Twitterati in Court to Support Paul Chambers' "Bomb" Joke Appeal

Today sees the unfortunately famous Paul Chambers attend the high court, to learn of the fate of his appeal for making that joke on Twitter. The joke about bombing Doncaster's Robin Hood airport. Read More >>

Rubbish Twitter Banter Gets UK Tourists Kicked out of America

26-year-old Leigh Van Bryan and his friend Emily Bunting were cuffed and stuffed into jail cells upon landing in Los Angeles, thanks to joking about plans to "destroy America" in a simple tweet to a friend before leaving. Read More >>

YouTube Adds Intro-Skipping "Wadsworth Constant" to Player

YouTube has made a joke. It's implemented the "Wadsworth constant" which automatically skips the usually boring first 30 per cent of any YouTube clip. Simply add the modifier "&wadsworth=1" to any YouTube URL like so. [Reddit via Electricpig] Read More >>


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