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This is What the DualShock 4 Is Really Like

Apparently Sony's put a lot of effort into the DualShock 4, although you'd be forgiven for not noticing, given it barely looks any different. However, that light on the front, the speaker and the touchpad really make it revolutionary, at least according to Sony. Here's a quick walkthrough to show you why. Read More >>

Is This the Real PS4 Controller?

This is apparently a photo of a real PS4 controller prototype hooked up to a developer unit. The snap, which seemingly appeared on Destructoid, looks convincing, and matches up with previous leaks, but is it the real deal? Read More >>

An All-Copper Touch Sensitive NES Controller That'll Fit In Your Wallet

You’ve that a massive NES controller to play with, but what about one you can fit in your wallet? This awesome-looking all-copper capacitive NES joypad that’s about the size of a credit card, and can be made at home with the help of a KickStater project, might fit the bill. Read More >>

Gametel Turns Any Android Phone Into an Xperia Play

We've seen Android gamepad prototypes come and go; but the bluetooth Gametel, which actually launched in the flesh yesterday, promises to clip-on and add a joypad to any Android phone or tablet running Éclair (2.1.1) or better. Read More >>


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