Logitech's New Auto-Dimming Keyboard is Perfect for Movie Night

In the good ol' days, finding the buttons on your remote in the dark was hard enough—but now, finding the keys of you keyboard is a living hell. Enter Logitech's neat little auto-dimming keyboard, which seems just perfect for movie night. Read More >>

Use Your Favourite USB Keyboard on Your Phone With This Backup Battery

It can be hard to choose a backup battery when the market is as flooded as the market for Bluetooth speakers and iPhone cases. Manufacturers are now finding ways to include added value with their emergency power supplies, like Cerevo's new EneBrick that can turn your favourite USB keyboard into a wireless Bluetooth accessory for your tablet or smartphone. Read More >>

Rumour: Keyboard King SwiftKey Could be Headed to iPhone

Apple's iOS 7 keyboard update made a number of worthy improvements to the mobile OS's typing system, with better auto-correcting capabilities and a cleaner overall look. But, hands-down, Android users have the best keyboards available, thanks to default keyboard replacement apps such as SwiftKey. Could that particular app however now be coming to iOS too? Read More >>

You Won't Mind Pocketing a Business Card That's a Working Keyboard

Even with perfect typography, a stunning design, or a novel shape, a business card is still an antiquated way to share your contact details. So the folks over at TechKeys—makers of custom keyboards—wanted to design a card that reflected their work and left a lasting impression—and what better way to do that than with a business card that doubles as a working keyboard. Read More >>

SwiftKey Embeds Itself into the Clarion AX1 Android Car Radio

Popular Android predictive keyboard SwiftKey is about to pop up in a whole different series of devices, with the text entry system set to appear in the Clarion AX1 Android-based car entertainment system. It'll allow passengers and distracted drivers to access the web and send messages in usual SwiftKey style. Read More >>

This Trewgrip Backwards Keyboard Gives You an Absurd New Way to Type

The Trewgrip mobile QWERTY keyboard for iOS and Android devices is absurd. It's a handheld keyboard that puts the keys behind the board but arranges the letter in a weird way that somehow makes sense. So you hold the keyboard like you would a game pad and type by pressing keys on the back. It tries to make sense without making sense. Read More >>

Apple's Auto-Correct Team Still Terrorised by The Simpsons' Auto-Correct Parody 20 Years Later

A 1994 episode of The Simpsons which laughed at Apple's early attempts at auto-correction spurred on the team to (try to) make a better job of it, with the term 'Eat Up Martha' becoming something of a regular catchphrase during the development of the iOS keyboard. Read More >>

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Can the World's Thinnest Keyboard Cut a German Sausage?

If you cast your mind back to 2009, you might recall the Palm Pre had an edge so sharp, it was able to cut through cheese. Measuring just half a millimetre thick, the world's thinnest keyboard -- made by British company CSR in partnership with Atmel and CIT -- should be able to take on a bratwurst, surely. I put my IFA lunch to the test. Read More >>

The World's Thinnest Keyboard Is Just Half a Millimetre Thick

You know how papers can mysteriously go missing amongst the sea of documents strewn about your desk? The same thing could soon happen to your keyboard, thanks to the work of UK-based research firm CSR. It's developed a touch keyboard that measures less than half a millimetre thick, making it the perfect accessory for a similarly thin tablet — if you can find it. Read More >>

The CODE Keyboard Promises to Be the Best Mechanical Keyboard Yet

In this modern, pixelated world, the computer keyboard has become a real everyday object, something we tend to touch more times than we realise. So why not seek out the best keyboard, one built from the features of lesser keyboards? That's precisely what the CODE keyboard aims to do. Read More >>

Which Keyboard Do You Use on Your Android?

One of the best things about Android is the fact that you're not stuck with whatever keyboard your phone manufacturer decides to give you. You've got a whole load of options, and now that SwiftKey 4.2 is officially out of beta and packing a cloud-syncing service for your personal language profile, it's time to ask what's the best keyboard on Android at the moment. Read More >>

The History of Those Weird Keyboard Symbols You Never Knew You Needed

Before the age of the internet, you likely never noticed some of the keyboard symbols that you now use all the time. Most of us still don't know the actual history behind these now-ubiquitous symbols, the reasons they exist, or how they ended up in your email addresses and URLs. It's actually fascinating once you start digging. It turns out that type itself dates back to the early days of civilization. So even in cyberspace, there are a few paleolithic surprises. Read More >>

The Surface Type and Touch Covers Are Getting More Functional

If you looked at the Microsoft Surface Type and Touch Cover keyboards and wanted more keys, you'll be getting them. Well, sort of. Microsoft is updating the keyboard to add the ability to toggle between what the keys on the top row do. It's a little bit confusing but if you love your function keys, you'll definitely know your way around. Read More >>

QWERTY's Origin Story Is a Big Fat Lie

You use it every day without a second thought, but if you think about it for just a second, QWERTY is really, really weird. Where did something so strangely unintuitive come from? The popular story is that it has to do with typewriter mechanics and jamming prevention, and although that explanation sure is tidy, it's also probably bullshit. Read More >>

Swype's Keyboard Is Now Out of Beta and in the Play Store — For 65p

Swype has finally dropped its Beta tag and gone official — which means it's now in the Play store, easy to install, and no longer free. Read More >>


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