A Simple Leather Loop That Outperforms Most Smartphone Accessories

Most leather accessories for your smartphone take the form of unflattering cases that add unnecessary bulk to your device and detract from its sleek design. And that's why we love Alain Berteau's lovely leather keyring accessory—because it does neither of those things. Read More >>

How Did It Take So Long to Make a Star Trek Phaser Laser Pointer?

Combining a simple red laser pointer with a Star Trek phaser toy seems so incredibly obvious, but apparently it's taken this long for a clever entrepreneur to put those pieces together and come up with this adorable keychain that actually fires a glowing blast. That, or it's taken years to negotiate the Star Trek licensing rights. Read More >>

This Teensy Keychain Knife Could Save Your Life One Day

There are plenty of knives out there you could feasibly carry around with you all the time—Gerber's got a whole suite of them. The latest to join the crew is an especially tiny lil' guy, but it could save your life. Read More >>

How To Easily Build the Most Useful Keychain You've Ever Owned

If you've got access to a bucket of Lego Technic pieces, then you've probably already got everything you need to build what could possibly be the most useful keychains ever devised. As for the building instructions, just take a look at the image above and you'll easily figure it out. Read More >>

FireWood Pocket Lets You Keep a Fake Fire Raging in Your Trews

Get ready to welcome the newest addition to that long list of weird gadgets you really couldn't possibly need, FireWood Pocket is here. Because who doesn't want a keychain that emulates a lone, flaming piece of firewood? Read More >>

Portal Inspired LED Flashlights Are Better Than Cake

Had I been subjected to the same nightmarish labyrinth featured in the Portal games, I would have preferred a more substantial reward than cake at the end anyway. Like these adorable light and sound keychains. Read More >>

These Keychain Multi-Tools Prove That Nothing Is Cooler Than Milled Titanium

I couldn't tell you why, but CNC-milled titanium seems to invoke the same testosterone pumping response as watching a grizzly bear fight a bald eagle. So whatever the reason is, I get the same feeling from the Prybar and Barbar titanium keychain-tools from Anso Knives. Read More >>


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