Audi Shows Off the Brains of its Future Self-Driving Cars

During their CES keynote Audi detailed what it means about the future of mobility including self-driving cars and connected technologies. Importantly, it detailed the brain that will ultimately allow a car to drive itself. It looks like a massive computer motherboard about the size of an iPad. Read More >>

Watch the Entire WWDC Keynote Here

Miss the WWDC keynote? Just want to watch it again in its entirety because there is something wrong with you? Either way, you can catch the whole sucker right here. One catch: you gotta use Safari. Read More >>

iphone 5
Watch Apple's iPhone 5 Keynote Right Now

If you want to re-live the iPhone 5 announcement and/or measure the total seconds Tim Cook took a breath during the keynote, Apple just released the entire iPhone 5 announcement on its website. Watch it here and vote for who dressed best among Cook, Phil, Forstall and crew below. [Apple] Read More >>


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