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By Andrew Liszewski on at

A Light-Up Status Flag That Tells Co-Workers You're Too Busy to Chat

If your approach to office politics is passive aggressiveness then this little gizmo that's on Kickstarter may be for you. It's essentially a traffic light that attaches to your computer, which you can make glow red or green to let your co-workers know if you're free to chat or not. It also flashes when your computer gets emails or notifications, so it's not solely for the anti-social types.

This Game Turns Kim Jong-un Into a 16-Bit Rambo

By Matt Hill on at

We're all well aware North Korea is pissed at Seth Rogen, Sony and the US in general for its pisstakey, now terrifyingly cancelled Hollywood movie 'The Interview'. So one US games developer thought a 16-bit Kim Jong-un rampage across the States was a great idea…

This Clever Device Makes Your Bike Safer And Smarter

By Chris Mills on at

Texting and driving might be bad, but have you ever tried riding a bike through traffic, whilst trying to read Google Maps and messaging? You'll probably end up with a wing mirror in the kidneys – if you're lucky. Thankfully, iCase's COBI one-stop handlebar system has hit its crowdfunding goal…