Tyrant Kim Jong-Il's Favourite Computer Was a MacBook Pro 15

Samsung? Lenovo? Sony? Dell? Nah. This was the favourite computer of Kim Jong-Il, the dead North Korean dictator, keen observer and purveyor of all things fattening: an Apple MacBook Pro 15. Read More >>

Did North Korea Secretly Test Two Nukes in 2010?

New analysis suggests North Korea clandestinely tested two nuclear weapons in 2010. If it's true, it would double the number of known tests hailing from the country and could mean serious nuclear warhead development is underway. Read More >>

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The Stark Difference Between North Korea and South Korea from Space

If you want to know the true effect of departed despot Kim Jong-il (and his father Kim Il-Sung), just take a look at this sad, sad picture of North Korea and South Korea at night from space. South Korea is like any other modern country, lit up with life. North Korea is completely dark. Read More >>


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