A Kindle Fire HD For £99 is Your "Last-Gen Tablet Wonder" Deal of the Day

Ever found yourself creeping over people's Facebook pictures, or watching mucky films on your phone and thought to yourself -- 'this screen is slightly too small!'? If you have, you're in luck because there's these things called tablets which make creeping a whole new experience. Read More >>

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Review: Bigger Is Still Beautiful

We loved the Kindle Fire HDX. It's faux-Android wrapped up in a budget body so beautiful you'll learn to stop worrying and love the forked OS. Now its big brother, the HDX 8.9, is here with the same flavour of lovely in a stretched-out package. Read More >>

The Retina iPad Mini vs the Competition

So you've read all about it; but how does Apple's cute little tablet compare to the now-bloated small tablet category? We've crunched the numbers and stacked them all side-by-side, for your comparing pleasure. Read More >>

Kindle Fire HDX Teardown: Blazing Guts (Just Pray It Doesn't Break)

We're big fans of Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX, but we've been waiting to see exactly what lurks within its sleek frame for a while. Fortunately, iFixit has now stripped it bare, and it's thumbs up all round—unless you wanna try and repair it. Read More >>

Report: The Next Amazon Kindle Fires Will Have Blazing Snapdragon Guts

BGR is reporting that the next batch of Amazon Kindle Fires will run a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked "at about" 2GHz. It's hard to believe that Amazon would go with Qualcomm's top chipset on a tablet that's supposed to compete as a cheaper alternative to the iPad. Extreme overkill, much? On the other hand, it would be pretty dope to see what the chipset can do. Read More >>

Report: Amazon's Tablets Will Get Sharper Displays and a New Design

BGR claims it's got exclusive details about the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets that will be released this Autumn. It's more or less what we could expect from a yearly iteration of a tablet. Here's the skinny. Read More >>

lightning review
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review: Good News and Bad News

Comfort. That's what the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has over everything else. It's by far the most comfortable tablet to hold, and to read and watch movies on. But to be the full-fledged iPad and Nexus competitor we're hoping for, it needs to be more than just another pretty face. Read More >>

Amazon Just Made Its Own Currency, Amazon Coins

Amazon's got a new way to buy stuff for anyone who has a Kindle Fire. Amazon Coins are a virtual currency that will come out in May in the US, and work for all app and in-app purchases on the Kindle Fire. Read More >>

Turns Out That £70 Acer Tablet Is Actually Going to be Pricier Than Expected

A few weeks ago, reports trickled down from the mount that Acer was prepping a $100 (UK price wasn't mentioned, but $100 is around £60 - £70) 7-inch tablet with specs that were juuuussssssst decent enough to be usable. The Iconia B1-A71 seems to fit the bill. Except, well, for the bill. Read More >>

A Kindle Fire For £99 Is Your "Blimey, That's Bloody Cheap!" Deal of the Day

Woah! There's a Fire going on over here today! We're not just referring to the price being so hot that it's causing a fire, but that the item in question is CALLED a Fire as well? Have we just blown your minds or WHAT? Read More >>

Amazon Approves of You Using Netflix on Kindle Fire and Fire HD

Bought Amazon's Kindle Fire but would still rather use a Netflix account to access your streaming films? That's handy, as Netflix UK has just pushed its Android app out to Amazon users. Read More >>

A 500GB Sony Super-Slim PS3 Is Your Everything-Streaming-and-Gaming Deal of the Day

Over on the east coast of America, they're 'battening down' the 'hatches' and 'stocking up' on tins of 'bully beef' in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Very wise -- venturing outdoors in the face of the 'Frankenstorm' would be 'very foolish indeed'. Read More >>

Amazon Pushing Out New Kindles Around Europe With LoveFilm in Tow (Updated)

As we've said before, today marks the day that Amazon is pushing out the brand-spanking new Kindle models across Europe and the UK, including the gorgeous Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. Who needs an iPad Mini anyway? Read More >>

iPad mini
The iPad Mini Seems Crazy Expensive

There's almost no question that the iPad Mini is a terrific device; it's got too much pedigree and money behind it to be anything else. But barring some sort of miracle from Ive, it's also certifiably overpriced. And that's a bad sign for Apple. Read More >>

Amazon Literally Makes No Money When You Buy a Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire HD

Jeff Bezos revealed to the BBC that Amazon makes no profit off the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD. Both devices are sold at cost, which means, both devices' price is how much it costs Amazon to make them. Read More >>

Kindle Fire HD vs. Nexus 7: What's the Best 7-inch Tablet Display?

Less than a year after the first generation of smaller tablets gained traction, a second generation of 7-inchers has arrived—the Google Nexus 7 launched in July and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in September. There are many other manufacturers making small tablets, but these are the only models seeing significant demand. As we'll see, in this short period of time these mini tablets have evolved into first tier products with excellent displays that out perform most full size higher priced tablets. But which is best? Read More >>


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