Has Apple Started a Google Maps Exodus? Amazon's Dropped Google too

Amazon's launching its own mapping API, and it's dropped Google Maps and partnered with Nokia to do it. The Kindle Fire and Fire HD will pack a slice of Nokia, even though they both run on Android. Google can't be too happy about that, surely? Read More >>

Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7?

The Kindle Fire HD is out now, and it's plenty great. But given the choice between Amazon's latest and greatest and the power packed Nexus 7, which should you choose? Here's your guide for picking the cheap-but-awesome tablet you should get. Read More >>

Amazon Decides to Let Users Opt-Out of Ads on the New Kindle Fires After All

After confirmations to the contrary yesterday, Amazon has now come out and said that users will be able to opt-out of ads on the new Kindle Fire models for a one-time fee of about £10. Read More >>

The New Kindle Fires Will Have Bing for Search

Google maybe the big name when it comes to Internet search, but Bing is certainly not giving up the fight. Now it's the default search engine on all the new Kindle Fires, which will give it yet another foothold on its long, hard climb. Read More >>

Would Ads on the Kindle Fire HD Actually Bother You (and Will You Buy One?)

Amazon's declared war on not just Google, but Apple too, with last night's Kindle Fire tablet onslaught. In the UK though, we're limited to just the updated Kindle Fire and the smaller Kindle Fire HD 7-inch; basically Nexus 7 challengers, matching or beating it on price. To do that, Amazon's shoving adverts on your shiny new device -- but does that bother you, and is a tablet for £159, or even just £129, too tempting to care about some poxy ads? Read More >>

No 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD Love for the UK

Noooooo! It seems that Amazon's top range 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD isn't following the rest of the family to the UK. Read More >>

Would You Buy a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD or a Google Nexus 7?

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD is hot. But the real question isn't whether you're going to go for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, which seems destined to stay stateside for now anyway—It's whether consumers will go after the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD or Google's rad Nexus 7. Which sick £159 Android tablet would you buy? Read More >>

Kindle Fire HD Hands On: Pretty Impressive—For the Price

The Kindle Fire HD is staggering on paper. In person, it's... pleasant. Which would be an equation for disappointment if you forgot for a second just how cheap this thing is. Read More >>

Kindle's New Whispersync for Voice Keeps Your Audiobooks Synced With Your Book Books

Like being read to? You'll dig Amazon's new Kindle feature, Whispersync for audio. Announced today at its shindig in L.A., it allows that going forward, audiobooks will sync up with your words-books, meaning you can read and listen along at the same time. Read More >>

Amazon Kindle Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)

Today, Amazon lifts the veil on its all-new Kindle lineup. We're anticipating new Kindle Fires in a bunch of different flavours, Kindle Touches that light up the night, and maybe even our very first glimpse at an Amazon phone. So what's the full rundown on today's goodies? Read More >>

Is Amazon Going to Announce a Phone Today?

We have a vague idea of what Amazon will announce today — a new Kindle Fire is very likely, a front-lit Kindle too — but what if Amazon had a surprise in store for us? What if it was going to announce a smartphone? There are reports that Amazon will do just that. Read More >>

Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

It's long been rumoured—ever since the first Kindle Fire was released really—that Amazon was making a 10-inch, iPad-sized version of the Kindle Fire. According to CNET, that's going to stay a rumour because although Amazon is planning to release TWO new Kindle Fires, they BOTH will be 7-inch versions. Read More >>

The Kindle Fire Is Sold Out

The Kindle Fire is sold out, Amazon says. Oh that's funny. Maybe that means we will get those new Amazon tablets next week after all. Read More >>

Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 Set For September 6 Announcement

Monster stuff-seller Amazon has scheduled a big, global press event for September 6th, which we're hoping it'll be using to launch the Kindle Fire 2 and bring us news of a UK release for its Android tablet. Read More >>

Barnes & Noble Tests UK Waters With Its Nook Ereaders

Barnes & Noble, which has about the only serious competitor in the US to Amazon and its Kindle Fire, is firing two of its Nook ereaders into the UK. Hopefully it'll find our waters nice and toasty and send over its bigger brother the Nook Tablet, sooner rather than later. Read More >>


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