Xbox One March Update Beta Testers Reveal 50Hz Fix, Audio and Kinect Tweaks

While most Xbox One owners sit twiddling their thumbs awaiting the arrival of the March update, a lucky few have been granted early access as beta testers. And they've spilled the beans on a handful of features Microsoft has so far kept schtum about. Read More >>

This Fish is Driving its Own Motorised Aquarium

It's always a good idea to give your pets lots of exercise and freedom. But how does that work with a fish that is reliant on a tank full of water to live? That's easy; you just strap its aquarium to an RC car and rig up a device that lets the fish steer. Read More >>

Microsoft's Building Smart Elevators That Know When You Want to Get On

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances. Why not smart elevators? That's the question Microsoft asked—and then answered, by putting a Kinect camera in an elevator, training it to recognise when people want to get on, and teaching it to open the doors automatically when needed. Smart, indeed. Read More >>

MIT's New £300 Kinect-Like Camera Even Works With Translucent Objects

Microsoft's Kinect is great, but it has its limitations. Not so MIT's new nano-camera, though, which uses similar technology but can weave the same magic with translucent objects, and even work in snow or rain. Read More >>

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A Handy List of All the Ways to Shout and Wave at Xbox One

One of the coolest/creepiest features of the Xbox One is its ability to obey your spoken and flailed commands. But which speaks and flails will it understand, and which will be met with a blank Kinect stare? You could spend all weekend trying to figure it out yourself, or you could just consult this handy chart from Microsoft's own TechNet blog. Hi Kinect! Read More >>

Yes, Apple Has Bought the Kinect Sensor People's Arses

Apple's rumoured purchase of Israeli company PrimeSense has been confirmed, with Apple releasing a short statement about the deal over the weekend. But it didn't say how much it paid, nor would it outline any firm "purpose or plans" behind the buy. An Xbox One royalty play, perhaps? [BBC] Read More >>

Why Xbox One's Kinect Won't be Hal 2.0

Look, it's OK to be a bit paranoid about technology. If you do something bad the police can indeed pull your entire internet history from the cloud and beat you with it, but sometimes you've just got to go with the flow and accept that things are going to be different in the future. Learning to live with Kinect, and all the other ways we're being "watched," is one of those times. Read More >>

I'm a Bird! This Pigeon Simulator Lets You Soar Over London

Who hasn't dreamed of soaring over a city, dipping between the rooftops, peering into people's windows? A new simulator allows anyone to have a real-life birds-eye view of London as a pigeon, without the disease or wire-trap limb amputations. Read More >>

This Simple Accessory Blinds Kinect and Solves Your Privacy Concerns

The Xbox One's original requirement for the Kinect 2.0 sensor to always be connected and active led many gamers to raise concerns about their privacy. Microsoft eventually caved in on that requirement, but anyone upgrading to the new Xbox One now has an absolute guarantee that the Kinect 2.0 sensor won't keep tabs on them with this new accessory from PDP that completely blocks both of its cameras.

You're actually buying a plastic mount that allows the Kinect 2.0 sensor to clamp to and hover above a flat-screen TV. But as a bonus the mount includes a black plastic snap-on eyepatch that completely blocks and blinds both the Kinect 2.0's RGB and IR cameras. It's perfect for the casual gamer who doesn't mind playing the occasional arm-flinging Kinect title, but who also used up all the aluminium foil in their brainwave-blocking hat. [Amazon via Ubergizmo] Read More >>

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Talking to Yourself Kinect Is the Primary Way to Navigate Xbox One Dashboard

Sure, you'll be able to do all this with an Xbox One controller too, but by the looks of all the marketing materials Microsoft is pumping out, it's really hoping you'll get chummy with Kinect, happily chatting away with it to navigate the next-gen console. Read More >>

Xbox One Kinect Sensor Can Now Keep an Eye on You From Just 4.5 Feet

A leaked Xbox One instruction manual suggests that you'll be able to get up close and personal with the console's new Kinect sensor, with the ever-watching eye of Microsoft's machine now happily sitting closer to the player without freaking out. Read More >>

The New Kinect Will Understand Two People Talking Simultaneously

If you weren't convinced that the new Kinect was already amazing, here's something that should change your mind: the new device will be able to discern between two people talking at the same time. Read More >>

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How Gesture Control Actually Works

Gesture control sure is cool, even if it's still a little bit of a gimmick. But how the hell does it actually work? Read More >>

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Microsoft Says Kinect Hasn't Provided a "Rich Enough" Experience... Yet

Microsoft's sort of admitted that Kinect has never really been the wonderful experience its executives make it out to be, with a UK exec suggesting the company -- and gamers -- have been disappointed with what the motion sensing device has managed thus far. Read More >>

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Xbox One's UI Demonstrated and it's Windows Tiling All the Way

This week's Gamescom gaming event is giving us lots more info on the software we'll be playing with on the new hardware that's arriving later this year, with Microsoft giving show visitors a complete look at its reworked Xbox dashboard and the new features it's sliding in. Read More >>


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