This Knitted Galloping Horse is the Most Mesmerising Scarf You'll See Today

Once I start staring at this looping experiment in stitchery, I just can't look away. Instead of using photos, artist Sam Meech made this Eadweard Muybridge-inspired animation with 272 frames captured on a custom 13-metre-long stretch of woven fabric. Read More >>

This Brainwave Scarf Uses Your Thoughts To Keep You Warm

When it's freezing outside people often suggest imagining yourself sitting on a warm sunny beach somewhere in the Bahamas so you don't feel so cold. Its effectiveness is questionable, but now there's a genuine way to use your thoughts to keep warm: custom scarves knitted with a pattern of the wearer's unique brainwaves. Read More >>

This Rocking Chair Knits a Wool Cap While You Kick Back and Relax

Is there anything more relaxing than the back and forth motion of a comfy rocking chair? Of course there is—rocking while sporting a stylish knit cap you made yourself, which is made all the more easy with this rocking chair knitting machine. Read More >>


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