These Hand-Forged Kitchen Knives are Works of Rural Art

The world is not lacking for inexpensive kitchen knife sets—they've long been a staple of those repetitive late-night BUY-ONE-GET-TEN-FREE commercials and bargain bins alike—but top-quality cutlery is much harder to come by. These blades from Chelsea Miller Knives offer a rare mix of artful simplicity and rugged sturdiness. Read More >>

A Knife Holder That Looks More Dangerous Than the Blades

>Are you bored by the conventional ho-hum design of a traditional wooden knife block? If you like everything on your kitchen counter to be a conversation piece, you can't go wrong with this Spicy Magnum Knife Set, featuring six entwined knife holders that look like they're all holding each other up. Read More >>

Knives Aren't Generally For Klutzes, But This One Kinda Is

It's always better to have control of a knife you're using, sure, but everyone makes mistakes. And you shouldn't lose a perfectly good knife just because it sinks to the bottom of a lake or the shaft cracks on your tile floor. Is the solution bouncy knives? Sort of. Read More >>

The Credit Card Knife is Now Even More Terrifyingly Stealth

This credit card is really a knife. Just putting that out there in case it wasn't coming across already. It's a 2.2mm thick, 85.6mm x 54mm CNC machined aluminium treat. Keep it in your wallet to impress your friends and gore your enemies! Read More >>

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Five Knives Every Home Chef Should Own

Unless you're some sort for Ginsu master, capable of slicing, dicing, and jullienning an entire meal together with a single blade, food prep is a whole lot easier when you use the right knife. Here are the five most essential, versatile cutting implements in a cook's arsenal. Read More >>

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It Seems You Really Can Use Pretty Much Anything to Write on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra

When we had a brief play with the mahoosive Xperia Z Ultra, Sony showed off its impressive screen-writing tech using a ballpoint pen. It's meant to be able to detect anything from pens and pencils to keys and nails forgoing a real stylus, and it seems that's not just marketing bluster. You really can use anything including coins and a Stanley knife. Ouch. Read More >>

You'll Never Lose a Floating Cork Knife at the Bottom of a Lake

Are you planning an early summer lakeside knife fight? To ensure you have the upper hand grab one of these floating cork knives. Read More >>

Ultra-Slim Multitools Are a Smuggler's Dream Come True

Stat Key, makers of fine novelty-shaped keys, is expanding its brand to include a line of ultra-thin and ultra-simple tools called the Every Day Carry Multitools. Made from stainless steel covered in military grade anticorrosive ceramic, there's a good chance the Stat EDC tools will outlive you. Read More >>

Don't Worry Cyclists, There's a Swiss Army Knife For You Now Too

Weighing just 99 grams and folding away into a compact package that's easy to pocket, Victorinox's new Swiss Army Bike Tool is the perfect weapon against misaligned handlebars and other on-the-road cycling emergencies. Read More >>

This Teensy Keychain Knife Could Save Your Life One Day

There are plenty of knives out there you could feasibly carry around with you all the time—Gerber's got a whole suite of them. The latest to join the crew is an especially tiny lil' guy, but it could save your life. Read More >>

Whoever Had the Idea to Make Bread Knives That Look Like the Alps Is a Genius

Commemorate your recent continental travels and turn any loaf of bread into a pile of shredded crumbs with this trio of knives that feature serrated edges mirroring the silhouettes of the Alps. Pricing and availability haven't been locked down yet, but the famous peaks include the Zurich Panorama, the Lake of Constance Panorama, and the Berner Alps Panorama. They're all about form, not function, so make sure you have a way to display them instead of burying the set in a knife block. [PanoramaKnife via swissmiss] Read More >>

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Man Shows It's Totally Possible to Play Fruit Ninja With a Real Knife

Fruit Ninja just a bit too dull for you? How about adding the slicing-danger of a real knife. Apparently it's actually possible, on a Lumia 920 anyway. Watch as a man amazingly survives will all his fingers intact after a frantic real-knife Fruit Ninja session, and gets a little bit too excited about the whole thing in the process. Read More >>

Learning About Knives with This App Will Make You a Better Cook

Cooking ain't easy! But if you want to get better, you have to start somewhere and that somewhere should probably be your knife skills. With Kitchen Knife Skills, an iOS app, you'll stop accidentally chopping your fingers and start learning slick tricks to make you a better cook. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Knives

You already use knives to cook but do you really know how to use knives to, like, really cook? There's a difference! Learning some basic knife skills and types of knives to use could make your life a lot easier in the kitchen. Shannon Lattin made an infographic about the chef's guide to knives to get you started. Read More >>

This Letter Opener Is Made From All Your Old Junk Mail

If there are any inmates reading the site, you might want to pay attention. Instead of polished steel or gleaming ceramic, this letter opener's razor-edged blade is made from 100 percent recycled paper mixed with a water-based resin derived from cashew shells. Read More >>

Dart-Launching Pistol Guarantees a Bullseye Every Time

Most of Joerg Sprave's insane slingshot-based weapon designs never really have a practical application outside of wanton destruction, or making life really unpleasant for trespassers. But his latest creation—this dart-launching pistol—could vastly improve your game the next time you're at the pub. Read More >>


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