Apple and Google Are Reportedly Joining Forces To Buy £310 Million of Kodak Patents

It's not often that you hear that Apple and Google—both fighting for utter smartphone dominance—have teamed up on anything, but reports from Bloomberg say it's the case. And they're both going in on a half a billion dollars worth of Kodak patents. Read More >>

Kodak Is Selling Off Its Film Business

Kodak is really closing out its era as a photographic monolith, opting to sell off its film business entirely. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Kodak will not only sell its print film production, but also its digital imaging kiosks, and the printers and scanners that go with them. Read More >>

Printer Virus on the Loose, Good Day For Paper Companies, Bad Day For Trees

A computer virus that sends garbled code to your printer queue is affecting homes and offices worldwide. The virus wastes loads of ink and paper printing out crap in a year when Kodak went bust and HP's printer business is 'facing challenges'. Hmm, suspicious... Read More >>

Kodak Used a Calendar With 13 Months

Leaders of large corporations often have a little bit of "the crazy" about them. Like, for instance, Kodak founder George Eastman, who, back in 1928, insisted that the official company calendar ran 13 months long. Read More >>

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Weapons-Grade Uranium Hidden In a Basement

Kodak may be going under, but apparently they could have started their own nuclear war if they wanted, just six years ago. Down in a basement in Rochester, NY, they had a nuclear reactor loaded with 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium—the same kind they use in atomic warheads. Read More >>

Fallen Giant Kodak Is Taking Hosting Service Offline. For Good.

After being purchased by the photo-hosting site Shutterfly for $23.8m (£14.7m) last month, one-time giant Kodak will take its Kodak Gallery offline for good, July 2. Users of the image-hosting service were notified today by email, along with a request to please notify Kodak no later than May 28 if they wish to have their photos migrated over to Shutterfly's servers. Read More >>

Apple Barred from Beating Kodak's Dead Horse

Apple has been pursuing a patent lawsuit against Kodak over the rights to its LCD screen previews used in its digital cameras, printers and digital picture frames. But with Kodak in Chapter 11, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allen Gropper has ordered Apple to back off, putting current lawsuits on hold and blocking any further legal action until Kodak has sorted out its financial issues.. Read More >>

The Last Photo Lab to Develop Kodachrome

Kodak's decision to stop producing Kodachrome film in 2009 left a hole in people's nostalgia-seeking hearts. This documentary short by Xander Robin takes us into Dwayne's Photo, the last remaining lab to develop the coveted film. It really shows how cumbersome and complex the process of developing film is/was, and why analogue photography never really stood a chance against the onslaught of digital technology. [Vimeo via LaughingSquid via PetaPixel] Read More >>

Kodak Cameras Are Officially an Endangered Species

Kodak’s announced that it’s no longer going to make cameras, video cams or digital picture frames to, erm, save costs. That just leaves printers then. You know, that thing that’s collecting dust in the corner that everyone still loves and uses all the time. Read More >>

Kodak Goes Belly Up and Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Despite its recent strategy of "sue everybody for everything," Kodak has succumbed to its financial pressures and filed for Chapter 11 business reorganisation (aka, bankruptcy protection) in New York. The iconic photography company isn't dead yet, however, just very broke. Read More >>

For Sale: Slightly Used Military Dark Room, Classified Microfilm Not Included

With the shift to digital cameras, old-fashioned photomats are getting harder and harder to find. But this portable, Army-issue dark room has everything you need to develop your own prints wherever you are. Read More >>

Flailing Kodak Throws Patent Punches Apple's Way

There aren't many details available yet, but Bloomberg is reporting that Kodak is suing Apple over four patent claims. Is it a last ditch effort for the near-bankrupt company to keep its head above water? Or a justified defense from a company with generations of intellectual property to its name? Well, both, probably. Read More >>

Photographers Pour Emulsion Out On the Curb as Kodak Prepares to File for Bankruptcy

Once the darling of the photography world, long-time film maker Kodak is close to filing for bankruptcy, according to the WSJ. Read More >>

film week
Kodak Just Wants Everyone to Move On From Kodachrome Already

Fox is making a film about it. Someone paid over £10,000 to get 1,580 rolls of train photos developed before the last of the chemicals were lost forever. Heck, Paul Simon once sang about it. It's fair to say that the photography world is besotted with Kodak's Kodachrome film, but in an interview with Giz UK this film week, Kodak told us they've got better things up their sleeve. Read More >>

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Kodak Is a Walking Corpse of a Company and That Makes Us Sad

Oh, Kodak, once the acme of all things camera, now a stark lesson in Darwinism in technology. You adapt and evolve, or you die. It was revealed today that Kodak is shedding more than £45 million a month. Let's hold hands. Read More >>

Kodak's New Outdoor Camera Can Hold Its Breath for Two Hours

Sure, Kodak is quickly becoming a penny stock. But that doesn't mean it can't still produce a solid and rugged outdoor camcorder like the Playfull Waterproof. Read More >>


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