Even Google's Getting In on the Brilliant Konami Code Action

Obviously the developers of Google's just released Play Games app remember their childhood fondly. They've bundled a cool little Easter egg behind the classic Konami code. Read More >>

The Konami Code Shows Condé Nast Actually Has a Sense of Humour

This is brilliant, and seemingly the editorial staff on the various Condé Nast UK sites had no idea it was even there. The developers of Vogue, EasyLiving, GQ and Wired in the UK hid a little dinosaur-themed easter egg for Konami Code lovers on the various sites. Just try it. Read More >>

This Awesome Konai Easter Egg Code Suddenly Makes the Chromebook Pixel Worth £1049

Say what you will about the Chromebook Pixel's viability, but practical or not, it's got a hidden pocket of awesome hidden somewhere deep in its brain. And you can unlock it with the Konami Code. Read More >>


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