Chinese Worker Group Reports New Wave of Abuse at Apple Suppliers

A report from New York-based China Labour Watch has raised concerns over a new wave of worker abuse among Apple suppliers. Read More >>

Sad Chinese Factory Workers Photographed with the Cheap Things They Build

Having a bad job is better than having no job, but there's no doubt that monotonous, bottom-wage manual labour is the pits. Photographer Michael Wolf snapped this haunting series of Chinese workers building cheap toys for... us. Read More >>

Samsung Audit: No Child Labour, But So Many Other Problems

After a Chinese labour watchdog fingered Samsung with child labour allegations, the company set to auditing its entire catalogue of factories. Initial results weren't too great, but now the final results are in — and while there's no evidence of child labour, there are plenty more problems to worry about. Read More >>

Foxconn Denies Strikes, Says Everything at Its iPhone Plant Is Going Just Fine

Yesterday, reports came in that around 4,000 over-worked and under-paid Foxconn employees began to strike, potentially hitching up iPhone 5 production, the stresses of which had pushed them to the breaking point. According Foxconn, however, everything at the plant in question is just peachy. Read More >>

Foxconn Workers on Strike After iPhone 5 Starts Brawls

The underpaid, overworked Chinese workers of Foxconn have had enough, according to a new report by China Labor Watch: thousands have gone on strike over immense iPhone manufacturing pressure and fistfights with their bosses. Read More >>

monster machines
This Weed-Killing Robot Dispatches Dandelions with 98 Percent Accuracy

A prototype weed-seeking automaton could change the way seven billion humans eat, as well as help to end industrial agriculture's reliance on toxic herbicides and itinerant labor. Read More >>

But What's Everyone Else Doing About Labour Conditions?

Apple takes more heat for the labour practices of its suppliers than anybody, but it's largely a victim of its own success in that regard. Read More >>

The Foxconn Reality: "Better" Is Still Bad

Week after week we hear Foxconn horror stories, but Apple's gadget metropolis is just one place inside an enormous country. Detractors say it's inhumane; defenders say it's way above the norm. But what does "bad" really mean inside a Chinese factory? Let's put Foxconn in context. Read More >>


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