RIP Tony Benn, Early Advocate of the British Computing Industry

Tony Benn, Labour party politician and former Cabinet Minister has died, aged 88. While Benn will largely be remembered for his often-radical left-wing stance, Benn was also among the first British politicians to predict the importance of having a solid computing industry in the country. Read More >>

Labour is Planning a Benefit-Claimant Kicking Too, With Maths & English Tests for All

If the Labour party was to win the next general election it would introduce a "basic skills test" for unemployed benefits claimants, with the power to stop payments being made to those who fail a maths and English test and refuse training to rectify their numeracy and literacy problems. Read More >>

Report: Apple Supplier Flextronics Used Indentured Employees

Bloomberg Businessweek has an in-depth report today alleging that electronics supplier Flextronics used recruiters who charged workers exorbitant fees to place them in Malaysian plants, confiscating their passports and deserting them in employee housing without food when production idled. Read More >>

Do You Ever Have Much Luck With Train Wi-Fi?

It's got to the point where I don't even attempt to connect to a train's Wi-Fi network, such is my boiling rage when it doesn't connect / takes hours to load a single webpage. I'd rather remain disconnected for my journey, than have a tantalising-yet-infuriating sniff of a connection. But do you have more luck? And if so, give us your trainspotter stats below, please... Read More >>

Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?

So many things are made in China: DVD players, handbags, adorable shoes, kitchen gadgets, watches, t-shirts, laptops, and more. Some of them are made in happy, shiny factories. Some are born out of deplorable labour conditions that ruin and cost lives. We usually don't know which. Read More >>

Foxconn Admits Violating Child Labour Laws

Just a week after riots broke out at Foxconn over working conditions at the Chinese plant that manufactures Apple's glorious new iPhone 5, the company is mixed up in another labor imbroglio. This time, it's over the admitted use of child labor. But sheath thy pichforks because Foxconn's not entirely to blame. Read More >>

Samsung Audit Finds No Underage Workers, But Some Serious Problems

Last month a Chinese labour watchdog fingered Samsung for employing, and abusing, underage workers in its factories. Now a Samsung audit has found no evidence of underage workers — but plenty of other problems to worry about. Read More >>

Report: Underage Children Abused in Samsung Factories

A new report by a Chinese labour watchdog makes Apple's Foxconn woes look like a game of spin the bottle, Laptop Mag reports. Untreated injuries? Check. Dangerous workplace? Check. Hitting children and forcing them to stand? Check. This is bad. Read More >>

This American Life's Damning Foxconn Report Was Mostly Made Up

This American Life has retracted its episode about working conditions at Foxconn. Apple challenged the veracity of the reporting in the piece when if first ran in January, and in an episode set to air later today, the radio show will confirm that Mike Daisey made up some of the most shocking facts in his story. Read More >>

Foxconn's Crazy 130,000 Person Intern Program Actually Sounds Pretty Good!

Internships suck, whether you're in New York, LA, DC, or wherever. You do menial work for token payment (or none), all in the name of experience. At Foxconn, it's about the same—but you great free housing and more money. Read More >>

Do Apple Users Care Enough to Protest Chinese Working Conditions Today?

Since it came to light how bad working conditions are in Chinese factories that make iPhones and iPads, many have muttered about boycotting Apple. If that's you, you should join a globally coordinated protest against it, which is happening today. But do you care enough? Read More >>

I'll Have an A, Bob: Ed Miliband Cocks Up With Bob Holness RIP Tweet

It's fairly normal these days to send a RIP tweet if you want the world to know you're the caring type. But it's amazing what a simple typo can do to your sentimentality efforts, right Ed? [Twitter] Update: The official Lib Dem Twitter account's response is priceless. Read More >>


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