LaCie's Culbuto Flash Drive Wobbles But it Won't Ever Fall Down

How often do you remove a USB flash drive from your computer, place it somewhere on your desk, and then have it instantly disappear? Too often. It's one of those bizarre mysteries of life—like socks going missing in the dryer—that LaCie may have just eradicated with its bulbous new Culbuto flash drive. Read More >>

LaCie's Silver-Plated Steel Sphère Houses 1TB of External Storage

If you like everything on your desk to be a stunning example of industrial design, LaCie's new Sphère is an external hard drive you won't want to hide behind your monitor. It looks like a giant drop of mercury thanks to its hand-crafted and highly-polished silver-plated steel housing which helps explain why you'll be paying close to £300 for just a single terabyte of storage. Read More >>

LaCie's Fuel Tank is Filled With 1TB of Wireless Storage

Even if you've splurged on the most capacious smartphone or tablet you can find, at one point you're still going to run out of storage space. And in lieu of constantly swapping tiny memory cards, LaCie's new Fuel offers a full terabyte of storage that's available to your mobile devices via a direct wireless connection. Read More >>

LaCie's Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is as Fast as External Drives Get

Intel officially unveiled the details of its Thunderbolt 2 specification back in April, and while we've already seen the release of hardware like motherboards that support the Thunderbolt successor, LaCie's new Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 is one of the first external drives that will officially support the blazing new connection. Read More >>

LaCie's 4TB Blade Runner Hard Drive Looks Like a Renaissance Sculpture

LaCie's always had a certain flair for external hard drive design, bringing as much style to its hardware as functionality. But the company appears to have just one-upped its past efforts with the stunning Blade Runner that packs four terabytes of storage into an enclosure that looks like it was sculpted by a renaissance master. Read More >>

design week
10 Celebrity Designer Gadgets

Thanks to the influence of a certain Cupertino-based company, sleek, well-designed gadgets are becoming the norm -- in fact, we're at a point now when almost all mainstream consumer electronics look eerily similar, amirite Samsung? Read More >>

lightning review
LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt Review: The Best Thunderbolt Hard Drive

If your computer has a Thunderbolt drive, odds are it's been pretty neglected. Some external storage options are good, but nothing is a no-brainer. Until now, that is. LaCie's vivid orange drive is the best way to back up files, superfast. Read More >>

LaCie Put Thunderbolt on Its Portable, Rugged External SSD, and That's Awesome

Now this is what we were hoping for from Thunderbolt. LaCie just stuck a Thunderbolt port on its USB 3.0 Rugged series of external drives, meaning it's now a tiny, indestructible speed monster. Read More >>

Thunderbolt Might Transfer to Windows by May

Ultra-fast, Apple-only Thunderbolt technology is about to get a little less exclusive. According to CNet reports, LaCie plans to unveil PC compatibility for the 10gb/s Thunderbolt during the upcoming NAB 2012 trade show. Read More >>

lightning review
LaCie Little Big Disk Lightning Review: The Future Is Shockingly Super Fast

The Little Big Disk is simply the fastest way to backup your data you've ever used. But it's also, finally, a delivery on Apple's promise that Thunderbolt would do crazy things to our tech lives. That promise came true. Read More >>

Lacie LaPlug Will Turn Your HDD into a NAS

Lacie's LaPlug is identical to the Pogoplug in concept: plug in any USB HDD and it magically transforms into a Time Machine-compatible NAS drive that's accessible from outside your home network. This is a product trend I like. Read More >>


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