Multicultural London English is the New Cockney of London's Diverse Population

The traditional East End cockney accent is slowly being wiped out of existence, thanks to new multicultural groups taking over from the old generation and introducing such modern words as "mandem" and "blud" to the local language of the city. Read More >>

how to
How to Learn a Foreign Language for Free

In the modern hustle-bustle of 21st century living, there's every chance that work, study or romance will take you overseas into another country. If you want to make a good impression, it doesn't hurt to bone up on your foreign language skills, and what’s more, it’s easy to do without spending a penny. Read More >>

The Latin Revival Starts With Mars Image Captions

A group of volunteers is attempting to bring the language of Latin back to the masses, by offering translated captions of Nasa's photos of Mars in the wording favoured by historians, posh people and the Pope. Read More >>

The Longest Words in Different Languages are So Much Fun to Say

Though we know the real longest word in English takes three and a half hours to pronounce, more reasonable ones can be done in less than five million breaths. Like these! This video lets you hear the longest word in different languages like Czech, Danish, Slovenian, Dutch, etc. and boy some of them are a doozy. Read More >>

Google Can Now Translate Handwritten Notes

Say you have some scribbles in an unfamiliar language you want to translate. Better find a native speaker. Or you could just turn to Google Translate, which now supports handwritten translation in 45 different languages. Read More >>

How to Say Google in Different Languages

Google, the word not the company, has become such a common word for anyone who uses a computer (other than the yahoos who still use Yahoo, I guess) that it's surprising to learn that other languages have a different word for it. Like Italians say Googlare. Or that the Portugese say Googlar. It gets weirder. Read More >>

This is Why Google Is Awesome

Not everyone loves Google; some think it's got way too much data on us all, and they may be right. But Google is still one of the most awesome tech companies in the industry, because it does cool, totally unnecessary things like this. The latest language addition to Gmail is Cherokee. Read More >>

augmented reality
Forget Google Glass, Raspberry Pi Powers This Amazing Universal Translator

The anticipated hotbed of indie development we were hoping to see triggered by the Raspberry Pi really has delivered some incredible concepts so far, and here's another stunner -- a real-time Google Glass-style wearable translator that generates subtitles when speaking to foreigners. Read More >>


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