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5 Inexpensive Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Chromebook

Chromebooks may be budget-priced, but that doesn't mean you should have to endure cut-rate performance. Here are five simple ways to boost your Chromebook's capabilities without breaking the bank. Read More >>

This £200 Solar Powered Ubuntu Laptop Lasts 10 Hours on 2 Hours of Sun

Working with a computer outdoors can often mean you're at the mercy of your battery, but not if you have this Sol laptop, which can run for 10 hours on a single solar charge.
Designed for use in developing countries where electricity supply is erratic or non-existent, it's equipped with a fold out panel of solar cells which can soak up rays to power the device. According to Canadian company WeWi Telecommunications, the company behind the computer, the ten hour battery takes just two hours to charge in strong sun. Details on specs are rather limited, but we do know that it packs an Intel processor, WiFi, an HD display, Ubuntu OS and the option of a satellite module for internet access. Read More >>

How Often Do You Clean Your Laptop?

I feel embarrassed right now. For the first time in ages, I actually paid attention to the keys on which I'm typing. And they're filthy. I am a bad person. Read More >>

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The Invisible Electronic Fields That Surround Your MacBook

You might view your laptop as a nice, neatly contained unit — but there's more bursting out of it than meets the eye. In fact, all of its electrical components create complex magnetic and electric fields that spread far and wide, and this video shows you their reach. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Windows 8 Hybrid Roundup

Looking for a laptop replacement, but tired of talk of convertibles, hybrids, sliders, touch-friendly laptops and slates? Drowning in advertising-speak about how this new Windows-8 device is going to make your life infinitely better? Yeah, us too. Never fear, though, we've got your back! Follow on after the break to find out everything you'd ever dreamed to dare to know about Windows 8 hybrids. Read More >>

Google Patents Hinged, Folding, Sliding, Flipping Tablet Concept With a Software Keyboard

That complicated sketch comes from a Google patent, which sees the company planning for a future in which tablet/laptop hybrids become the norm. Read More >>

Ultrabooks Haven't Staved Off PC's Woes, Sales Still Falling

When Intel outed the Ultrabook concept last year, it hoped the slim laptops would be the saviour of the PC market, clawing back sales it had lost to Apple's svelte offerings. The latest figures show, however, that all is not well in the land of PC. Read More >>

The La Boite Audio Desk Makes Your Average Laptop Stand Look Like a Cheap Toy

Furniture that's also tech seems to be all the rage at the moment, what with Ikea's TV-come-shelf thing. How about a desk-like laptop stand that packs Parisian style with some serious high-end audio punch? Read More >>

Ex-MI5 Boss Gets Her Laptop Nicked In Heathrow Bringing Terror Cops Running

The woman who reportedly inspired the female "M" we've come to know and love in recent Bond films, has had her laptop pinched while passing through Heathrow, putting counter-terrorism police on alert. Read More >>

Dirt 3 Is Your Bank-Holiday-Driver-and-Caravan-Avoidance-Strategy Deal of the Day

It's a bank holiday and appropriately, the roads have been filled with bewildered day-trippers, tootling about the place as they've aimed to make the most of the bonus workless day. Read More >>

A Cheap Folding Bike Is Your Commuter's-Best-Friend Deal of the Day

In 2012, we are truly living in the ‘foldaway age’ – almost everything around us can be folded up and stored safely, whether it be ironing boards, beds, dead spies, or even bicycles. Yes – imagine! Read More >>

A Sweet-Looking Office Chair Is Your "I Play With the Big Boys Now" Deal of the Day

Do you see yourself as a go-getting, thrusting, hard-nosed business type? A proto-Sugar in the making, with a head full of big ideas and a sack full of business balls? Yeah? You’ll need a better chair then. Read More >>

Razer Blade Review: Sharp, But...

There's something fundamentally broken in the world of PC laptops: Machines designed nearly four years ago still provide the basic model for how to build one correctly today. The Razer Blade is, in some ways, one of the best Windows laptops I've used in a long time. But I can't decide if it's merely ironic or outright depressing that a PC designed to reinvigorate PCs is ultimately most interesting because it steals something from Apple that most PC makers only wish they could grasp: How to steal like Apple. Read More >>

Google's Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" to Feature Laptop Docking Options

Forensic detective work conducted on last week's Android 5.0 news has come to the conclusion that Google may be planning to integrate a laptop docking system and dual OS versions within its next Android release. Read More >>

Got a Spare USB3.0 Port on Your Laptop? Add an Extra Monitor or Two

Targus has done USB3.0-weilding laptop users a solid with its Dual Video Adapter, which sports both HDMI and DVI sprouting from a single USB3.0 port. Finally you can bolt-on that multi-monitor set up you’ve always wanted without having to resort to a hulking great tower. Read More >>


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