Dell's Latitude 6430u Laptops Smell Like Cat Piss Say Nose-Pinching Customers

With brand allegiances pretty strong in the world of consumer tech, it's not that unusual to have fanboys lash out at a rival's product, saying it smells of one form of bodily waste or another. It's rare however when such statements are meant to be taken literally. Read More >>

Mavericks May Be Mucking Up Haswell-Powered MacBook Pro Retina Models

Mavericks may be the superlative version of Apple's desktop operating system, and the Haswell-equipped Retina MacBook Pro computers may be (in my opinion) the best hardware the Cupertino company makes, but it seems the two just aren't getting along. Read More >>

Why Making Mavericks Free Makes Perfect Sense

Yesterday, Apple not only released its OS X Mavericks operating system, it also announced that it would be free. That's great! For you, for Apple, and for the future of computing. Read More >>

SuperDrive Sales To Rise as Apple Kills Optical Drive-Equipped 15-inch MacBook Pro

There's been a changing of the guard in Apple's laptop line-up. While the new MacBook Pro models sporting Intel's Haswell chips now lead Apple's portable PC range, there's been a casualty along the way. The 15-inch MacBook Pro with optical disc drive is no more. Enjoy your moment in the limelight Haswell MacBook Pros -- this will one day be your fate too. Read More >>

Surface Pro 2 Review: A Little Bit Better, But So Much the Same

The original Surface Pro was many things, but chief among them was strange. Not only did it deftly—if not quite perfectly—straddle the line between tablet and laptop, but it also straddled the line between futurist ideal and problematic product. This time around the Surface Pro 2 is packing plenty of practical improvements, but as a concept it's still on shaky ground. Read More >>

"World's Smallest" USB Stick Squeezes 64GB into a Tiny Silvery Peanut

This tiny USB stick is the K'1, a miniature USB 3.0 dongle designed to be left permanently plugged into your sleek ultrabook or clunky old laptop to compliment its groaning onboard storage space. You won't notice it's there. Or snap it off. Read More >>

HTC to Get a Lenovo-Shaped Lifeline, With Buyout Rumoured

HTC is in trouble, there's no denying that, with the company posting its first ever quarterly loss last week despite being heaped with praise for the HTC One handset. But there's hope yet for HTC's survival, with Chinese computing giants Lenovo eyeing up a potential buyout. Read More >>

Here's the First Laptop with Leap Motion Built Right In

Ever since the initial teasers for the Leap Motion controller, there have been plenty of OEMs getting ready to build it right into their laptops. Well that day has finally arrived. It's just too bad the first is kinda chunky. Read More >>

The Best Haswell-Updated Computers

There's a decent chance that a fair few of you will be stumping up for a new laptop in the next month or two, as uni students head back to halls to discover the wonders of the internet, school kids indulge in Facebook, and regular people, y'know, buy laptops. But before you do, take a moment to work out which machines have been updated with the new generation of Intel goodness. Read More >>

The Laptop Is Dying

There's an old joke about a doctor giving an elderly patient some good news and bad news. "Give me the bad news first," the old guy says. "OK, you've got cancer and you're dying. Best case, you have a few years left." "Oh god, that's awful," cries the old man. "What's the good news?" "Well," says the doctor, "You're in the best shape of your life, and your dementia means you won't remember any of this in a few hours." And that is, essentially, the Windows laptop renaissance. Read More >>

Thinkpad Yoga: Finally a Convertible With Some Grit

Out of last years selection of fledgling Windows 8 convertibles, Lenovo's Yoga was our favourite by far. Now we're getting one with some ruggedness to it. You know, a little bit of raw strength. Meet the Thinkpad Yoga. Read More >>

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Basically a Perfect Upgrade

Last year's Lenovo Yoga was one of the better laptops we've ever used, and certainly right at the top of Windows 8 convertibles. This year's Yoga 2 Pro refines the hell out of that notion, and adds a super high-res screen on top. Read More >>

The New Asus Zenbooks Are Covered in Gorilla Glass Now (???)

We'd been waiting on this one—the Zenbook is finally getting a refresh. And for whatever reason, Asus has decided to cover one of the prettier ultrabooks out there in a sheet of Gorilla Glass. Which, hey, sure. Read More >>

Sony Vaio Flip: One of the Most Logical Laptop Convertibles Yet

Convertibles as a whole aren't the most sensible thing in the world. At this point, most are still rife with compromises, gimmicks, and odd decisions. Sony's new Vaio Flip is too, but its gimmick — a screen that folds back on itself—also happens to make a whole lot of sense. Read More >>

How Many of You Own a Phablet?

Phablets seem to be winning the device category war that's going on right now, at least in Asia. More phablets are being sold than both laptops and tablets combined, which begs the question: How many phablets are in the hands of Brits? And would you really buy one instead of a laptop? Read More >>

Is Your Terrible Laptop Posture Ruining Your Back?

Thanks to super-light laptops, you're not killing your back carrying a computer around any more. But, man, the terrible things we're doing to our bodies anyway. This Samsung ad is just perfect. Oh the contortions of our spines. Read More >>


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