Google's Larry Page Admits "Speech Recognition is Not Very Good" Right Now

Larry Page, Google's co-founder and CEO, gave a long interview at the TED2014 conference, where he talked about search stuff, voice stuff, and suggested that sharing anonymous medical data could save a staggering 100,000 lives a year around the world if we could all stop being so stressed about our privacy. Read More >>

The Real Reason Google Killed Reader

Much has been said about the demise of Google Reader and whether a decline in users ultimately killed off the much-loved product. But according to a new report from BuzzFeed, Larry Page and other higher-ups at Google simply didn't care for the product, so it was taken behind the barn. Read More >>

Larry Page Reminded Us Why We Love Google

Larry Page, Google's CEO and co-founder, closed out the Google I/O keynote last night with a sentimental, almost subdued speech. He didn't sound like a CEO. He sounded like a guy in charge of a company he genuinely thought could change the world. And it was a wonderful reminder that Google used to be, can be, and in many ways still is, so much more than a company. Read More >>

Surprise: Google Glass Runs on Android

We have it from the horse's mouth. Larry Page has officially confirmed Google Glass runs on Android. What? You're not surprised? Maybe you were expecting Chrome OS? Perhaps Linux, or maybe even BB10? You guys crack me up. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

Larry Page Happily Withstanding Steve Jobs' Thermonuclear War on Android

Larry Page, the nerdy but loveable boss of Google, couldn't resist having a sneaky little pop at Steve Jobs, when asked about the late Apple boss' often-quoted deranged thermonuclear war speech. Read More >>

Google CEO Larry Page Talks Apple Spats, Google+, and the Future of Search

CNN Money has managed to get a rare, long interview with Google head honcho Larry Page. In fact, its only Page's second big interview with a print publication since he became CEO back on 2011. Here are some choice cuts, before you read the whole thing. Read More >>

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Google Glasses Still Make You Look Nerdy

If you're Katy Perry, you'll look dumb wearing the Google Glasses—at least in their current prototype form. And unfortunately, being a Google billionaire won't make it any easier to pull off the look, either. Larry. Larry... Read More >>

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Larry Page Lives Out His Borg Fantasies Once Again, in New Google Glasses Demo

Google's Larry Page tried once again to convince a disbelieving world that Google's bonkers augmented reality glasses (a) look good and (b) are of any use, delivering a talk at the company's latest Zeitgeist gathering while wearing the technical spectacles. Read More >>

Is Google Going After the Kindle Fire With a Cut-Down Android Tablet?

Larry Page dropped a massive hint in his Google quarterly earnings call yesterday, that big G is eyeing-up the cut-down budget Android tablet market that the Kindle Fire currently owns in the US. We’ve heard before that Google’s after the budget end of the tablet market, but a stripped down version of Android is not something we ever thought Google would consider. Read More >>

Is Apple's Android-Hate Just for Show? Google Thinks So

Larry Page has been running the show at Google for exactly one year. Things have been, let's say, eventful. There was Google+, and socialised search, and maybe even an identity crisis. Here's how Page summed up his first year at the helm in a recent interview with BusinessWeek. Read More >>

Why Do Three Google Execs Own Eight Private Jets?

How is the world's top search engine going to put its software in every TV on earth? Not by flying commercial, like some sort of company for poor people! Let's just buy a few spare private jets, just in case. Read More >>


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