Las Vegas Hotels Join Bitcoin Payment Bandwagon

A couple of Las Vegas hotels are now catering to the extremely nouveau nouveau riche gambling/honeymooning clientele, allowing resort visitors to pay for their rooms using the wildly fluctuating virtual currency. Read More >>

Hoover Dam is a Super-Gadget That Keeps the Lights in Vegas Burning

Perhaps one of the ironies of CES, hosted here in Las Vegas, is that the largest and perhaps most spectacular gadget we could all be covering is nearly 80 years old, weighs 6.6 million tonnes, and supplies most of the electricity fuelling the devices on display at the trade show. Read More >>

Some Guy Always Gets Blamed for Lost Phones That He Never Stole Because of a Horrible Location Glitch

Las Vegas, the amazing place that sucks souls, wallets and dignities, is also really good at swallowing mobile phones. Drunk, partying, WHOOPS. And whenever a phone is lost, people who use location services to find their lost phones always seem to track it back to the same place: Wayne Dobson's house. But the thing is, Wayne Dobson never stole a phone. Instead, a glitch with the US network Sprint is making it appear as if their phone is inside Dobson's house—even if it's not. Read More >>

Steak Specialists Discover a New Cut of Beef

Turns out that what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas—and that's a good thing. A self-proclaimed Meat Geek has teamed up with the University of Oklahoma to devise the first new style of steak in years. Read More >>

How an Oxford Professor Turned Roulette Odds in His Favour

If you're gonna cheat, cheat smart. Like an Oxford maths professor, who has revealed how he used the world's first wearable computer to beat the roulette tables of Las Vegas back in the 1970s. Read More >>

CES Nerds Can Get Married In an Apple Store-Lookalike Vegas Wedding Chapel

...Though they don't need to stress about finding a member of the opposite sex to force into marrying them, as pop-up wedding chapel iDo also performs commitment ceremonies; fake weddings and even pet weddings. Taking design cues from Apple's retail stores, iDo at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas also gives newlyweds rings made out of erasers, because nothing says love like rubbing out the words on your marriage certificate after you come to your senses the following day. Read More >>

3d printing challenge
Design a Las Vegas Hotel (or Anything Else Sin City-Related) For This Month's 3D Printing Challenge

CES is the most-circled week on any tech nerd's calendar, but Ballmer on a pogo-stick, it's a lot of hard work for us tech bloggers! Want to know what takes the same amount of time your average tech-blogger takes to queue for the Sony conference? Designing your very own 3D model, that's what. Read More >>

gaming app of the day
Amazing Breaker for iPhone and iPad: If You're a Fan of Ice Sculptures, Best Look Away Now

Some apps look and play like the 8-Bit classics from the golden age of gaming. Others take a modern approach, employing sleek graphics to show their cutting-edge credentials. And Amazing Breaker? It looks like the kind of game that a Las Vegas magician would have made. We're thinking David Copperfield, or perhaps Siegfried & Roy. Read More >>


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