An Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter Makes Your Crappy Drawings Permanent

A useful hack can be a wonderful lifesaver, but sometimes an utterly pointless hack can be just as great. For no other reason than they could (and maybe to celebrate International Arduino Day), the folks at Just Add Sharks hacked a laser cutter to be controlled by an Etch A Sketch. Read More >>

Jackass Who Lasered Children's Hospital Chopper Gets 14-Year Sentence

Astounding moron Sergio Rodriguez got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence earlier this month, convicted of aiming a handheld laser pointer at an emergency medical helicopter delivering a young patient to the Children's Hospital of Central California. Remember folks, trying to blind pilots in the air is a very, very bad idea. Read More >>

Real-Life Laser-Shooting Goggles Turn You Into Cyclops

Who's your favourite X-Person? If it's Cyclops, you'll like these real-life laser goggles that can set paper on fire and pop black balloons. Read More >>

Overhead Laser Lights That Illuminate With Images and Video

As far as giant corporations go, it's usually Sony that's willing to a take risk on an unorthodox new product. But this time it's Panasonic's turn with the company's new Space Player that combines overhead lighting with compact projectors letting you project everything from different colours, to still images, to videos and animation. Read More >>

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Israel is Putting Frickin' Lasers on its Commercial Airliners

It's not just IDF forces and Israeli settlements that come under rocket fire; militant groups have been known to take pot shots at commercial airlines as well—such as when a pair of SAMs narrowly missed an Israeli charter shortly after it took off from a Mombasa, Kenya airfield, in 2002. To protect vulnerable aircraft from future attacks, Israel has developed this belly-mounted laser shield for commercial jets. Read More >>

The Promising (But Problematic) Future of Ultra-Fast Internet

While you weren't looking, the internet got super fast. I'm not talking fibre-optic fast. I'm talking Star Trek fast. Today, it's not just possible to download a movie in seconds. New technology makes it easy to download dozens of movies in fractions of a second. Fast is almost too slow a word to describe such speed. Read More >>

The Future of War is Here: US Navy is Getting Giant Lasers on a Ship

The US Navy is saying a prototype of the solid state Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is ready for deployment. This summer in the Persian Sea, the USS Ponce will be outfitted with lasers that can shoot down aerial drones, speedboats and swarm boats that are miles away. It's going to be Star Wars in the open sea. Read More >>

This New Laser Makes Fibre Optic Networks 20x Better

You've got to be excited when scientists invent a new kind of laser, especially one that stands to replace the one we've been using for fibre optic communications for the last 40 years. A team of CalTech researchers did just that. Read More >>

Rooftop Lasers are the Next Big Thing For High-Speed Trading

Lasers, originally developed by the military, are now being employed by high-frequency traders looking for even faster ways to do business, beaming trading data across the sky. Read More >>

The World's Most Powerful Laser is Headed for a Czech Research Lab

Imagine a laser that fires super-powerful blasts of light ten times a second. A laser with one quadrillion watts of power. That's one powerful piece of equipment—the most powerful—and it's exactly what's being built for the ELI-Beamlines science facility in the Czech Republic. Read More >>

Lasers Create Ultra-Lightweight Mirrors from Polystyrene Beads

It's much easier for a telescope to see deep into the universe when it doesn't have to peer through the Earth's atmosphere, but getting them into space is expensive. There is a much cheaper solution, though, as researchers have actually found a way to make incredibly light mirrors using lasers and polystyrene beads. Read More >>

This Laser Bike Light is Like a Bat Signal for Cyclists

Cyclists can adorn themselves from head to toe in flashing lights, but it's still possible that pedestrians and drivers won't see them until it's too late. It's a problem the Blaze Laserlight hopes to solve by projecting an early warning signal four to six metres ahead of a cyclist, so that others on the road will know they're coming in advance—and have time to react. Read More >>

Laser Tag is Back With a Slightly More Fashionable Uniform

The original Laser Tag game was a huge hit back in the 1980s, though the campy ray guns, clunky helmet, and embarrassing sensor vest just aren't fashion forward these days. But it's still fun—which is why ThinkGeek has resurrected the old game, giving it an updated look that includes a stylish windbreaker jacket, smaller sensors, and an arm-mounted laser blaster. Read More >>

This Laser Smartphone Add On Accurately Measures Everything In a Photo

Forget the sanding, the painting, and all the construction; the worst part of a renovation is having to use a tape measure to size up a room. But if you're willing to cough up £342 (plus shipping), there's now a much better way that almost sounds like magic. It's a smartphone accessory called the Spike that uses lasers, GPS, and other sensors to automatically measure everything in a photo you take. Say wha?! Read More >>

Scientists Boil Water in Less Than a Trillionth of a Second

With a breakthrough that will hopefully eventually trickle down to tea kettles, coffee machines, and even showerheads, researchers at the Hamburg Center for Free-Electron Laser Science in Germany have devised a way to boil water to 600 degrees celsius in less than a trillionth of a second. To put that into perspective, as the folks at DESY point out, one picasecond is to a second what one second is to 32,000 years. Read More >>

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This Mortar-Hunting War Truck Just Got a Powerful New Laser Cannon

The Army's High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) has been under development for some years now, however until this point, it's been little more than a proof of concept. But thanks to a new upgrade to its firing system, the HEL MD can now burn almost any incoming threat clean out of the sky. Read More >>


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