Soyuz Thruster Malfunction Has ISS Crew Running Two Days Late

Yesterday afternoon's Soyuz launch has hit a snag. A thruster misfire means the planned six-hour flight, delivering US astronaut Steven Swanson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev to the International Space Station, will now take two days. Talk about a terrifying flight delay. Read More >>

Sony's PS4 Smashes Records (and Xbox One) With 250k UK Sales in Two Days

PlayStation4 has broken the previous record for video game console launch sales in the UK, shifting substantially more hardware than the 180,000 unit previous record during its first two days on sale. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft Successfully Salvaged Xbox One and Shifted One Million of Them in a Day

After presiding over one of the less thrilling and most mocked hardware reveals in history, Microsoft would appear to have successfully turned its Xbox One supertanker around. It sold more than one million of the new consoles on launch day. People like it now. Fickle crowd. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple Event For New iPads and Haswell-Powered iMacs Will Be Oct 15th

Apple might be about to refresh its desktop Mac and iPad ranges next month, with rumours suggesting a new gathering of the faithful is scheduled for October 15th. Read More >>

EE Prices up iPhone 5S, Minimum Upfront Fee of £49 Required

After the networks opened their iPhone 5C pre-order campaigns last week and O2 gave us a hint of the horrors to come in terms of 5S pricing, 4G specialist EE has now published the amounts of money it wants off us should we want an iPhone 5S this Friday. Read More >>

Japan's Rocket Launch Was Totally On The Cheap

On Saturday the Japanese space agency Jaxa successfully launched the Epsilon rocket, which is carrying a telescope, Sprint-A, for planetary observation. Jaxa was able to complete the launch for about £23.2 million, half the cost of previous Jaxa rockets and cheap compared to an average £285 million NASA launch. Read More >>

iPhone 5C Pre-Orders Open in the UK Today; Here are the Numbers of Pain

The UK mobile networks have all opened up their iPhone 5C pre-orders today, letting rampant Apple fans upgrade to or sign up for the newest model. How many arms and legs are you going to have to assemble and exchange for that slightly better thing? Read More >>

Japanese Man Queuing for iPhone Looks Sad, Bored and Lonely Already

A Japanese guy is already in the line for one of those new iPhone things, camping out alone on a pavement outside his nearest Apple Store with only his selection of gadgets and the odd intrigued local news crew for company. Read More >>

A New Apple TV Might be a "One More Thing" on September 10th

Bizarre analysis of global shipping records has found something possibly SECRET coming to the US from Apple's suppliers, with data claiming that a series of deliveries of a "Set Top Box with Communication Function" have been popping in on the slow boats from China. Read More >>

New iPhones Arriving in the UK on September 20th... and September 27th?

Here's an exciting new avenue to pursue for tech leaks -- courier firms. Apparently Apple's UK delivery drivers have been told to prepare for two weeks of big deliveries, with a batch of new hardware hitting on September 20th and another arriving a week later on the 27th. Read More >>

Apple Shops Told to Expect *Two* Separate Deliveries of Exciting New Hardware Things

There might be a gap between the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C later this month, with Apple retailers allegedly being told to prepare for two separate deliveries of new hardware. Read More >>

Google UK Starts Selling its New Nexus 7, Nexus 4 Discounted to a Staggering £159

It's a big day for fans of Google-approved Android hardware, as the tech god has now started selling the 2013 edition Nexus 7 direct from its site. And seeing as you're there, why not chuck a hugely discounted Nexus 4 in your basket too? Read More >>

xbox one
US Retail Giant Suggests November 8th Launch for Xbox One

One of the few secrets left to be told about Xbox One may have been leaked by American supermarket chain Walmart, with an internal message about special events suggesting that teenage CoD fans might be queueing to buy their new consoles at midnight on November 8th. Read More >>

ios 7
iOS 7 Rumoured to be Hitting iPhones and iPads on September 10th

The Apple-shaped stars are aligning, once again suggesting that September 10th is the big day for a hardware and software refresh of everyone's iOS devices. The maker of Apple's Siri tech claims iOS 7 is now said to be launching early next month alongside the updated iPhones. Read More >>

Virgin Media Joins Sony as PS4 "ISP Partner"

Virgin Media and Sony have signed some sort of blood-buddy pact covering this year's PlayStation 4 launch, with the ISP claiming it's now the "PlayStation 4 UK ISP partner" for Sony in the UK. Read More >>

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Appearing at IFA

Samsung might be the first of the big mobile tech players to officially launch a take on the smartwatch concept, with rumours suggesting the Samsung Galaxy Gear wrist thing will appear at next month's IFA tech event. Read More >>


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