This Washing Machine Cleans Clothes With Plastic Beads Instead of Water

While today's high efficiency washing machines use far less water than their predecessors, they still consume between 37 and 90 litres of water per load—and as much as 34,000 litres per US household per year. That's a lot of water just for cleaning clothes, especially with the growing drought conditions throughout the American West. But Xeros' revolutionary washing machines could reduce our laundry water usage to a trickle, using... plastic beads? Read More >>

Tide-Infused Inks Makes These Shirts Self-Cleaning

In a breakthrough that could vastly improve life for uni students—and their parents—around the world, Tide has developed what could very well be the world's first self-cleaning t-shirt. Read More >>

How Often Do Astronauts Wash Their Clothes in Space?

It's one of the most mundane tasks you probably undertake so, if you're anything like me, you probably put off doing your laundry until the absolute last minute. But do astronauts do the same in space? Read More >>

This Clothespin Cable Car Manages to Make Laundry Day Less Depressing

You can avoid for it as long as possible, re-wearing outfits again and again, but eventually the awfulness that is laundry day will come. It's even worse if a clothesline is involved, requiring you to painstakingly hang garments instead of just cramming them all in the dryer, but this adorable cable car clothespin holder should bring you at least a sliver of joy. Read More >>

Laundry Punching Bag Gets You Fit While Being a Slob

Good news for slobs who let their dirty laundry pile up for months and months between washes. With this Punch Bag laundry bag they can turn their mountains of smelly shirts and unmentionables into an intense workout. Read More >>

Does a Dryer Really Need Apps?

There's a good old-fashioned knob on the front of Whirlpool's new Duet washer and dryer pair. But there's also a little LCD screen right next to it. The screen helps you digitally dial in the settings, and it includes a "built-in suite of Laundry Apps." Read More >>

NASA Wants a Washing Machine for the ISS

I was joking when I said this looked like a washing machine being installed on the International Space Station. Now NASA is serious about it. You know, because astronauts stink. Read More >>


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