Facebook Reportedly Received Nearly 2,000 Data Requests From UK Police Last Year

It turns out our law enforcement agencies aren't that out of touch with the modern world, as Facebook reveals that UK police made 1,906 requests for access to Facebook user data in the last six months of 2013. The requests affected 2,227 separate accounts, and more then 70 per cent of requests saw data handed over to the authorities. Read More >>

Was This the First Robot Ever Arrested?

On August 18, 1982 the Beverly Hills Police Department took a rather unusual individual into custody: a robot called DC-2. The crime? Illegally distributing business cards and generally causing a commotion on North Beverly Drive, California. It was probably the first time a robot had ever been arrested. Read More >>

The FBI Seized all of TorMail's Data and is Using it to Catch Hackers

If you had any faith left in anonymous email services, now would be the time to let that go. New court documents show that in chasing down associates of Freedom Hosting, the FBI managed to download the entire email database of TorMail. And now it's using that information to take on the Darknet. Read More >>

Some Good Things Drones Can (Actually) Do

While everyone is freaking out about Amazon's plan to unleash an army of delivery drones on the world, it's important to remember that these flying robots can do much more than just move packages. Read More >>

An Army of the Deaf Watch Surveillance Cameras in Mexico

Security camera footage makes some pretty boring TV. There's no sound, so you don't know what people are saying, and it's tough to read body language out of context. But that's exactly what makes deaf people the perfect workforce for interpreting the footage. Read More >>

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The US Has A Tonne of Bizarre Regional Laws

Every now and then there's a writeup of some weird laws from around the world, and it's always interesting to see what random stuff merited legislation at one time or another. The US is no different. Read More >>

The FBI's Been Using Drones to Surveil Americans Since 2006

It's tempting to write off all this drone hysteria as a problem for people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but there's mounting evidence that it hits close to home, too. A new report from a federal watchdog agency says that the FBI has been using drones to watch over Americans since 2006. Read More >>

Apple's Got a Huge Waiting List of Cops Who Need iPhones Cracked

It's no secret that the police aren't very good at breaking into encrypted iPhones, but they've been asking Apple for help. A lot of help. According to reports by CNET the US government asks for so much help that the "please decrypt this iPhone for me" waiting list is at least seven weeks long. Read More >>

Boston Cops Hilariously Pose Online As Punk Rockers

A recent city noise control ordinance in Boston has cops cracking down on roving rock shows that don't take place in formal venues. So they're posing as punk rockers online to sniff out concert locations so they shut them down more easily. Only problem is their police work reads like an out of touch parent trying to talk to a teen about that new fangled rock and/or roll. Read More >>

These Patents Show A Seriously Shocking Future for Handcuffs

If you thought plasticuffs were the future of restraints, well, you might still be right. But handcuff technology is also preparing to fork in a much more high-tech direction. According to some recent patents, the future of handcuffs may be shocking. Literally. Shocking you. With electricity. Read More >>

Notes From the Front Line: A First Time For Anything

The custody sergeant turned to me. "I think Mr. DiCaprio here might be under the influence of drugs or other substances, and to ensure we haven't missed any drugs on his person, I authorise a strip-search of the prisoner at this time". He took a quick glance at the whiteboard behind him. "Please use cell M5 to do the search". Read More >>

The Sordid History and Evolution of Handcuff Design

Handcuffs have unusual and contradictory design requirements: They must serve one human, and at the same time thwart another. Read More >>


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