Idiot Child's Facebook Boast Costs Dad £50k Settlement

A US teen blabbed about her dad's financial win after a lengthy legal settlement, only to cost poor dad the money by breaking a confidentiality clause. By bragging "Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT" on Facebook, the teen's ex-headmaster dad lost his age discrimination payout with Gulliver school. Whoops. [Miami Herald via Metro] Read More >>

Apple Sues Chinese Government's Patent Office as Battle for Siri Heats up

Apple's widened one of its patent disputes in China to involve the actual government patent office itself, with reports saying it's taking a fight over rights to use the Siri technology to the State Intellectual Property Office. Read More >>

The Future of War is Here: US Navy is Getting Giant Lasers on a Ship

The US Navy is saying a prototype of the solid state Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is ready for deployment. This summer in the Persian Sea, the USS Ponce will be outfitted with lasers that can shoot down aerial drones, speedboats and swarm boats that are miles away. It's going to be Star Wars in the open sea. Read More >>

Michael Jackson Fans Win Token 83p Compo Because They Were Sad He Died

Are you sad someone died? Better lawyer up, as legal experts acting on behalf of a group of depressed Michael Jackson fans have won a staggering €1 each in compensation from Dr Conrad Murray, the man deemed responsible for the bonkers pop star's death. Read More >>

Should Students be Able to Take Coding Classes For Language Credits?

The US State of Kentucky's Senate just passed a law that will let students take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Do you think that's a good move? Read More >>

UK's Top Lawyer Wants to Help Keep Our Tweets Legal

If you'd like to keep your tweets on the right side of the law the next time a TV personality in his 70s is rumoured to have been called in for questioning by police, you might want to start following the Attorney General. He'll tweet special advisory notices warning users when subjects are in danger of veering into contempt of court territory. Read More >>

Erasure, or the Right to Delete Your Online Shadow

You can already delete posts on Facebook, remove ill-advised Tweets or consign Instagrams to the bin. However, California recently passed a law that requires web services give minors a simple way of removing all online information about themselves. The idea is to give kids the right to clean up any social media activity they may have made that could be used against them by bullies, or even future employers. Read More >>

Train Upskirt Photo Perv Claims Right to do so Under US Constitution

A Boston man who was rumbled using his phone to take photos up the dress of a lady on a train is claiming he has a right to do so under the country's First Amendment. Because she was in public and not wrapped in a duvet. Read More >>

Controversial Jam Law Could Send Conserve Fans Underground in Search of Sweeter Hits

The EU is proposing to lower the minimum amount of sugar that needs to be in jam in order for it to be called jam, meaning jams could soon be made with 50 per cent sugar instead of the current 60 per cent required. This horror scenario could have us breakfasting like the savage Europeans, says one horrified MP. Read More >>

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The US Has A Tonne of Bizarre Regional Laws

Every now and then there's a writeup of some weird laws from around the world, and it's always interesting to see what random stuff merited legislation at one time or another. The US is no different. Read More >>

EU Says Non/Nein to Reports of Compulsory 70mph Speed Restriction

The Jeremy Clarksons of the internet were recently enraged by claims that the EU may be planning to enforce a camera and GPS combo that would limit cars to a top speed of 70mph. However, the EU's taken to its blog to say that the reports are "quite simply not true." Read More >>

Judge Unleashes Star Trek Assault on Prenda Porn Troll After "Blatant Lie"

The Prenda Law offensive against random porn downloaders has been blown apart by a US judge, who accused the claimants of lying, hitting those charged with unavoidable legal fees and generally trying to profit from the US legal system by "seeking easy money" from those hit by spurious cases. Read More >>

Texting While Driving Hands-Free Is Still Very Unsafe, Says Science

California just passed a law that says drivers are free to text and email while they drive, as long as they're doing it by voice. Sounds safer, right? Not exactly, according to quite a bit of research. Read More >>

Government Advisers Suggested Lowering the Age of Consent to 14

A government policy unit floated the idea of relaxing the laws on public nudity and lowering the UK age of consent to 14, in plans that were put forward to look at way the impact of the state on our lives could be lessened. Read More >>

Anonymous Wants DDoS Recognised as an Official Form of Protest

The Anonymous hacking collective has petitioned the White House, using the US government's open forum to ask for DDoS attacks to be registered as an official form of complaint -- and requesting the convictions of previous DDoS attackers be wiped from their records. Read More >>

Crazy Courts Sentences Web Designer for Piracy Crimes

A man who agreed to design a web site for a Swedish torrent site has been found guilty of copyright offences, despite there being no evidence he had anything to do with the running of the site. He just did the design. That was enough. Read More >>


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