Facebook Sued Over Private Message Snooping Allegations

Your Facebook "Private" messages may not be all that private after all, with an investigation into Facebook's chat-monitoring habits leading to the social network facing a class action lawsuit. Read More >>

Samsung Legal Win Could Halt US iPhone 4 Sales

Samsung has, to some surprise, won a patent battle against Apple that could see the iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 banned from sale in the US. Read More >>

Apple to Pay Out £35 Million Over iPhone Water Damage Warranty Issues

Apple has agreed to pay out a weighty $53 (£35) million to settle a lawsuit which saw the company accused of not correctly honoring warranties of iPhone and iPod Touches, reports Wired. Read More >>

Google Revenge-Sues BT for "Meritless" Claims and "Arming Patent Trolls"

Back in 2011 we first heard of BT's attempt to sue Google over its use a broad series of tech patents supposedly under BT's ownership. Now Google's striking back in what looks like little more than a revenge attack to gain some bargaining chips. Read More >>

The Secret HTC-Apple Settlement Might Not Be Quite So Secret

Last month HTC and Apple decided to play nice when they reached a settlement over a patent license. While Apple was forced to tell Samsung how much that deal was worth, it thought the rest of the case was secret — but it turns out that might not quite be the case. Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Samsung Claims Jury Misconduct Skewed Its Apple Legal Battle

Samsung is claiming that Apple's billion-dollar August court victory is tainted by the fact that the jury foreman failed to disclose his 1993 bankruptcy and suing by former employer Seagate. Read More >>

Samsung Challenges Apple Pinch-to-Zoom Patent With 2001 Tech

As the courtroom battles continue, Samsung yesterday went for Apple by arguing that several iOS-wide UI features were actually developed well before the iPhone came into existence. Read More >>

In 2010 Samsung Declined an Offer to License Apple's Patents. Oops

The latest word out of the epic saga that is Apple vs. Samsung is that in October 2010, Samsung passed up on an offer from Apple to license certain of their patents for royalty rates. Read More >>

Here Is the Entire 132-Page Samsung Internal Report Apple Released into Evidence

It's quite a whopper: 132-pages of envy and scheming. In sum, this internal document compiled by Samsung is a long, slobbering iPhone jealousy fest. A highly detailed and deliberate comparison of Samsung's Galaxy against Apple's coveted iPhone. Read More >>

Samsung Exposes Its Blatant iPhone Jealousy

In the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, the latter's fate rests on how much it can claim it never needed or wanted to plagiarise. But after reading memos like these, that's going to be very, very hard to buy. Read More >>

Common Sense Prevails Again as Daily Mail Group Drops Spoof Twitter Lawsuit

Having been warned by Twitter that it was going to have to hand over details of the owner of an anonymous spoof account of a Daily Mail group executive, said owner won out on appeal. Now Northcliffe Media has backed down, but does this mean parody is OK again? Read More >>

Judge to Samsung: You Can't Use Sci-Fi Films as Evidence in Court

Samsung has a tough time on its hands battling Apple over tablet patents. But in the process of fighting hard, it seems to have made some questionable calls when it comes to choosing evidence — including the use of sci-fi footage to prove its case. Read More >>

Is The Latest Apple-Samsung Court Case Really All About Google?

In a court case kicking off today in San Jose, Apple is tackling Samsung over software and hardware patent infringements in an attempt to win over $2.5 (£1.5) billion in damages. But behind all the claims and counter-claims, is this court case really a fight between Apple and Google? Read More >>

Apple and Samsung Can't Even Agree on Where to Sit in Court

Apple and Samsung are gearing up for one of their largest legal battles to date, which centres around their devices looking incredibly similar. But before things can start, they still need to agree on where to sit in court—which is proving more complicated than you might expect. Read More >>

Twitter's Rolling Over and Giving Up the Details of a Satirical Account

Bad news for anyone who's running some sort of parody account. Twitter's being forced to give up all the information it has on the owner of a spoof account of Steve Auckland, chief executive of Northcliffe Media, sister company to Associated Newspapers. Seems parody is no longer safe. Read More >>

Google Told Samsung Not to Copy Apple

Apple's continued disputes with Samsung reach new levels next week when yet another trial kicks off. But this time, Apple plans to argue its case using a raft of internal Samsung documents that openly admit that the company mimicked the iPhone — and was even warned off doing so by Google. Read More >>


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