US Soldiers in Iraq Were Fed Ice From Unsanitised Morgue Containers

US soldiers have been on the receiving end of some pretty gruesome news over the past few days. As part of a US Justice Department suit against military contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root, it's been revealed that soldiers serving in Iraq in 2003 and 2004 consumed ice from unsanitised containers that also served as makeshift morgues. Read More >>

Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Spying is Probably Unconstitutional

A federal judge just ruled the NSA's widespread collection of phone records is most likely unconstitutional and gave the go ahead for plaintiffs to file a lawsuit. And pending appeal, the judge said that the data collection should be halted. Of course, until that appeal goes through, the NSA will continue spying. Read More >>

Former NASA Engineer Turned Super Soaker Inventor Just Got Very Rich

Lonnie Johnson's having a good week. The former NASA engineer just won $73 (£45) million in a royalties dispute with the toymaker Hasbro for inventing the Super Soaker, the coolest toy you ever had growing up. The lawsuit also covered royalties for Nerf which Johnson also masterminded because he is awesome. Read More >>

Dyson Accuses Samsung of "Cynical Rip-Off" as Patent War Erupts in Vacuum Land

Dyson's not been shy in the past when it comes to moaning about the patent system and making claims about industrial shadiness, now it's taking things to the next level by announcing plans to sue Samsung in the High Court for stealing its vacuum cleaner technology. Read More >>

Apple Wins Against Samsung Once More: ITC Bans Some Samsung Phones

Word is trickling in through the wire that Apple just scored another court victory over Samsung. What does that mean? For now it looks like the United States International Trade Commission has ordered Samsung to stop selling and distributing devices that infringe on two Apple patents. Read More >>

Some Guy Is Suing Apple Because He Wants Apple to Protect Him from Porn

In this most ridiculous lawsuit that should expose the idiocy of mankind and/or lawsuits in general, a lawyer is suing Apple because of porn. Seriously. The lawyer is seeking damages against Apple because it makes devices that can display porn. He wrote a 50 page complaint over this! Read More >>

Did Florida Accidentally Ban All Computers and Smartphones?

Because Florida was hastily attached to America to be the butt of her jokes, this latest piece of ridiculousness should come as no surprise: Florida might have accidentally banned all computers and smart phones. How? It all stems from a poorly worded bill that banned Internet cafes and slot machines. Read More >>

Google Has to Teach People How to Use Passwords as Part of Its Settlement

Remember a few years ago when Google got itself in that whole little Street-View-cars-collecting-personal-Wi-Fi-network-data debacle? Well, it looks like the case is finally being settled, and it's not just the people who had their privacy stripped before their very eyes that are benefitting — everyone gets a piece of the pie! Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Judge Cuts $450 Million off the $1 Billion Samsung Owes Apple

Judge Lucy Koh has given Samsung a huge discount on the damages it owes Apple. Originally billed to pay Apple over $1 billion, (£665 million) Judge Koh has cut $450,514,650 (£299 million) from Samsung's tab. The new total that Samsung owes is $598,908,892 (£398 million). Still an unfathomable amount of money but an unfathomable amount of money less now. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Suing an Anti-Piracy Group for Copyright Infringement

You read that right. The Pirate Bay is the one doing the suing over copyright infringement this time. Even more hilariously, The Pirate Bay says it will sue CIAPC, an anti-piracy group, for copyright infringement. The Pirate Bay is completely serious! It has already asked the policy to investigate its claim that CIAPC has copied The Pirate Bay. Read More >>

You're Stuck Using Your Real Name on Facebook For Now

Facebook's crusade against pseudonyms and nicknames has just won out. After a German court ruled Facebook couldn't force people to use their real, full names, a successful appeal from Facebook in another German court rules it can. The result? You're stuck using your real name on Facebook. Read More >>

Chubby Checker Sues HP Over Penis-Measuring webOS App

Chubby Checker has sued HP over a webOS app, also called Chubby Checker, that measures dick size. Read More >>

Facebook Is Being Sued By a Dead Man

Dutch programmer Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer is suing Facebook over its 'Like' button. Companies get sued all the time! Why do we care? Well, aside from having an A+ name, van Der Meer is actually... dead. He passed away in 2004, just as Facebook was beginning to take over the world. Why is he suing now? Read More >>

Apple's iPhone Found to Violate Three Patents in US Court

Word just came down that Apple's iPhone has been found to infringe on three patents held byMobileMediaaccording to Bloomberg. It's not clear which patents are in question, but in 2010, MobileMedia, a company owned by Sony, Nokia, and a company that licenses MPEG patents,took Apple to court over 18 patents dealing with screen rotation and call rejection. Read More >>

Ericsson Joins the Litigation-Crazed Party By Suing Samsung too

I'm not sure whether it's 'cool' to sue Samsung at the moment or something, but it seems Ericsson thinks so. It's just filed a lawsuit against the South Korean giant for yet more patent infringement. It seems Samsung's fighting on all fronts right now. Read More >>


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