Facebook's Latest Feed-Jiggling Redesign Now Live

Facebook's reorganised the deckchairs on its promenade again, introducing a complete redesign of its desktop site that supposedly brings the big view in line with the mobile versions. It's whiter and a bit more text-based, but still seems to be the same people talking about their running, alcohol dependency and babies. Read More >>

Is This the New Google Maps?

Google is supposedly working on a redesign of Google Maps that'll kill the familiar sidebar and replace it with a full screen map. It's a cleaner look that already makes the current constricted layout seem dated. Read More >>

Movie Theatres Should Be Like This

I love this movie theatre layout. It would be my favourite cinema ever. Wait, no. My favourite movie theatre would have seats that would open into a pit full of hungry Great White sharks in the case people talked out loud, texted or ate making annoying noises. Read More >>


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