Incredibly Slow Refresh Rates Make This LCD Easy On the Eyes

One of the reasons the Kindle's e-ink display is more enjoyable to read with is because it's not constantly refreshing. You might not be able to discern it, but the high-speed flicker of your LCD can lead to eye strain and headaches. So a research lab in Japan has developed a display that can refresh as slowly as once every five seconds. Read More >>

LCD Zoetrope Is a Beautiful Update To an Antique Toy

Before YouTube, TV, and even the movies, people were genuinely entertained by a device called a Zoetrope that played simple looped animations while it spun. The animations were created on strips of paper that were placed inside the inner circumference of the device—a process that's been made considerably easier with the Pristitrope's array of tiny LCD displays. Read More >>

Sharp's Future IGZO Displays Will Deliver 498PPI of Eye-Popping Pixel Density

If you thought the pixel density wars were going to stall out with Apple's 326ppi Retina display and its qHD cohorts, you are oh so mistaken. Sharp is working on their next-generation IGZO display technology, which includes a 6-inch display with a 2500x1600 resolution, good for a pixel density of 498ppi. Read More >>

Add a Massive 5.6-Inch LCD Display To Your DSLR

If the Canon 5D Mark III's generous 3.2-inch LCD display still isn't large enough for your needs, the Swivi lets you strap on an even larger 5.6-inch swiveling display for live previews or reviewing shots and footage. Read More >>

You Can Buy This 42-Inch Reference Monitor, Or Two Brand New Cars

You can go on and on about how great the flatscreen TV in your home theater is, but I guarantee it won't hold a candle to the image, brightness, and colour quality of Dolby's £26,000-odd reference monitor. Read More >>


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