Edward Snowden is a "Self-Publicising Narcissist" and is Guilty of Treason, Says Top Tory

The UK's former defence secretary Liam Fox has gone on a bit of a public rampage regarding Edward Snowden's password protected ZIP file of shame, suggesting Ed and his leaks and those who published them are guilty of treason. Read More >>

Alleged iPhone 6 Internal Organs Leaked in Bizarre "Schematics" Illustrations

Do you want to know what the internal proportions of the next iPhone may be like? Will you only consider purchasing it if the battery compartment is aligned in an attractive manner? If so, check this out; images that claim to be "schematics" of the iPhone 6. Will they make for a phone as slick as the concept above? Read More >>

Pics of Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F Show Premium Design and Quad HD Screen (Updated)

This thing here, according to a new smartphone leaker in town, is the Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung's rumoured "super premium" model that takes things up a notch from the popular Galaxy S range. A quad HD display is one delight that awaits, if it's a real thing. Read More >>

Three Leak Seemingly Confirms the New HTC One's Official Name

We already know quite a bit about HTC's new flagship handset, but the one thing that has been kept very hush hush is the name. Luckily for those of you who had been losing sleep over it, we now know the phone's name thanks to a leak from Three. The Phone is to be called *drum roll* the HTC One M8. Read More >>

A First Look at WhatsApp's Upcoming Voice Feature

Screenshots of what appears to be WhatsApp's upcoming 'Voice over IP' feature have made their way onto the web, sporting a layout very similar to iOS 7's native phone app. Read More >>

Hole-y Leaked HTC One Cover, Batman!

Always-reliable leak source @evleaks just tweeted this image purporting to show the next HTC One with a light-up hole-riddled cover of some sort. Will it be real? We'll just have to wait and see. Read More >>

The NSA Has a Secret Advice Column for its Paranoid Employees

Even having access to (nearly) all the information in the world doesn't mean you have all the answers. Which is, apparently, why the NSA created its very own, accessible-through-private-intranet-only agency-wide advice column. Because when you're working for the NSA, you can bet you're going to be paranoid as hell. Read More >>

Looks Like Samsung's Second-Gen Smartwatch Might Come in Two Flavours

Noted leaker Evleaks tweeted an image this morning purportedly showing two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The image indicates Samsung might add a "Neo" version, possibly a budget model along the lines of the iPhone 5C. That's not a guarantee (this is, after all, merely a leak), but perhaps this is what we'll see at Samsung's "Unpacked" event on Monday.  [Evleaks via The Verge] Read More >>

4.6 Million Snapchat User Names and Phone Numbers Leaked (Check Yours)

Oh dear. In an inauspicious start to 2014 for both Snapchat and its users, a website appears to have published user name and phone number information for 4.6 million accounts. Read More >>

Nokia's Rumoured Android Phone Spotted (Again)

We've heard rumours about Nokia's Android smartphone, code named Normandy, before - with the project seemingly being shelved since the phone giant's acquisition by Microsoft earlier this year. But thanks to the ever-bountiful work of leak artist @evleaks, we can now get a good feel of what the project might have looked like, had the acquisition not taken place. Read More >>

Here's How the NSA Is Actually Set Up

There have been tonnes of revelations about the National Security Agency since Edward Snowden began leaking documents in June. So many, in fact, that it's kind of hard to keep track of all the important stuff we've learned. Read More >>

NSA Admits That Edward Snowden Stole Up to 200,000 Documents

It's been nearly half a year since the first revelations from Edward Snowden's leak made it into the press, but until now, we've been in the dark about exactly how big that leak was. Well, ladies and gentlemen, NSA Director General Keith Alexander is finally shining a light in that direction. Read More >>

The NSA Has Been Hacking Mexican And Brazilian Government Email For Years

Beginning in May 2010, the NSA gained access to the Mexican Presidencia domain on the Mexican Presidential network and began monitoring then-president Felipe Calderon's email account, according to a document leaked to Der Spiegel by Edward Snowden. The document also shows that the NSA has been surveilling the Brazilian government. Read More >>

Snowden Leaks Were "Catastrophic Loss" to the UK, Says Security Advisor

When Channel 4 gets around to recording its 50 Worst Security Leaks Ever programme, the Snowden/NSA debacle will number one by a long way. That's according to a former government security advisor, who says Snowden and his Hard Drive o' Shame is by far the worst security breach in UK history. Read More >>

This Leaked Manual Lists Literally Everything About the Nexus 5

Nexus nerds, we may have just hit the jackpot. Android Police just got its hands on what appears to be a leaked service manual for the as-yet-unreleased Nexus 5. If this is real, we now know everything about the Nexus 5. Every. Thing. Read More >>

Wireless Charging, 1080p Display and More Rumoured for Nexus 5

Loads more Nexus 5 leakages have been seeping out of the internet's rusting pipes over the weekend, suggesting Google's next own-brand Android flagship will come with a 1080p display, wireless charging support built in and a new, white-on-black icon system for the KitKat 4.4 code. Read More >>


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