Dazzling LED Sculptures That Trip the Light Fantastic

Artist Jim Campbell has made a career out of tinkering with LED arrays. His newest work, a series of glowing, undulating installations, are a playful mix of circuitry, motion, and pure light that will captivate any onlooker. Read More >>

The US Navy's New Underwater Internet

You use Wi-Fi everyday, but have you heard of its cousin, Li-Fi? Devices that use blinking lights to transmit data could provide the wireless Internet of the future. Read More >>

I Want Samsung's First Curved Monitor (to be More Awesome)

Usually when you think of curved screens you think of a bunch of curved televisions lined up in a row to create a cinematic experience. Curved monitors, though, open the door for better gaming and super-power-user computing. Read More >>

Audi's Quattro Laserlight Concept Car is a Gorgeous Powerhouse

Audi has shown the future it aspires to. Meet the Quattro Laserlight. This thing is fucking insane. I'm speechless. I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about cars, but you'd have to be a moron not to see that this car concept is ridiculous. Read More >>

Sony's Brand New 4K TVs: No Gimmicks, Just Beautiful

Sony's new 4K TVs are unbendingly plain but pretty much what a reasonable near-future human would really want in a giant TV: a big beautiful screen that doesn't need extra curves or egregious size to give you eyegasms. It's the type of TV that'll end up trickling down into our living rooms because there aren't any gimmicks that'll be forgotten about the next time someone wants to throw needless features on the wall and see what sticks. Read More >>

Philips' Hue Light Bulbs Have a New Direction

The first bulbs in Philips' colour-changing, app-controlled Hue line were designed to mimic the unidirectional shine of standard A19 light bulbs. This made them ideal for conventional lamps, but wasted a large portion of their light when installed in recessed ceiling fixtures. But today, Philips has announced the new Hue BR30 downlight bulb. Read More >>

Scientists Smash the Li-Fi Data Record, Achieving Speeds of 10Gbit/s

If the hype is to believed, Li-Fi could be the next Wi-Fi. And if that's the case, then we're excited—because a team of researchers has just smashed the record for visible light data transmission, pushing it to a staggering 10Gbit/s. Read More >>

Nikon's Tiny LED Light Keeps Darkness Out of Your Camera's Way

Nikon's LD-1000 LED movie light is an inexpensive, portable lighting solution that could make shooting video with company's Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras a lot easier. The always-on light mounts to your camera and keeps the scene in front of you continuously illuminated with what Nikon promises is a natural-looking, diffuse white glow. Read More >>

Sand Can Light Up a Room

LED lightbulbs are already energy efficient, but they would be even better if they could emit light without connecting to the grid at all. Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe is trying to make that happen. Read More >>

lightning review
Philips Dimmable LED Lightning Review: So Much Light, So Little Juice

If it glows like, works like, and even dims like an incandescent, it must be an incandescent bulb, right? Wrong. The 8W Philips EnduraLED only draws a fifth of the power to produce the same warm illumination as the filament bulbs you've already got. Read More >>

lightning review
Sharp LC-60LE650U Lightning Review: Entry Level Shouldn't Look (or Sound) This Awesome

The price of big screens is falling precipitously, and not just for the off-brands you pack into your cart next to 10,000 packs of nappies. Sharp's 6-series LED TVs, for example, offer gorgeous displays for less than the cost of a Pixel. Read More >>

An Awesome Interactive 72,000 LED Display Is What Every Children's Hospital Needs

This is wonderful. Jason Bruges Studio created an interactive installation that can react to touch and reveal digital animals inside a children's hospital. It's really clever, there are 70 LED panels with 72,000 LEDs in total hidden behind the wallpaper of the rainforest. When started, the wall makes it seem as if animals are traveling through the forest. Read More >>

Is This the Most Over the Top Christmas Tree Ever? Maybe

I came across this image buried in one of those wacky picture dumpster sites, wandering from url to url across the web. I don't know who set the tree up. I don't know how many thousands of LED lights are around that tree. And I don't know why people spend so much money making these things. Read More >>

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How to Hang a Kickass Christmas Lights Setup

You want your house to be lit up brighter than Clark Griswold's in Christmas Vacation. But you've got problems to solve, beyond just the aesthetic challenge. How can you make sure you don't take a three-story dive off a slippery eave? And how much power are a few thousand metres of lights gonna require? Read More >>

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Running Around Bangkok with Light Suits Looks So Damn Fun

Freerunners are already freaking insane. I mean, it's a bunch of dudes turning the world into some sort of video game. How insane is that, right? But when you deck them out in LED lights and have them run around at night in Bangkok? It starts to really look like a video game. Read More >>

monster machines
The Holodeck Is Real, and It's in New York

While we still have a ways to go before the advent of photon torpedoes and warp drives, Stony Brook University has just brought us one step closer to our Star Trek future with the unveiling of its immersive video projection system, the Reality Deck. What? Holodeck was already taken. Read More >>


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