LED Holders Upgrade Newspapers With the Latest Headlines

If you've ever read the newspaper in a library or a coffee shop, you've probably used those long wooden holders that help make them slightly easier to wrangle without tearing the pages and impossible to pilfer. But an ad agency in Switzerland found a way to make them even more useful with invisible LED news tickers that enhance the day-old papers with the latest headlines. Read More >>

Symbolic Bike Lights Make Cyclists More Visible to Traffic

Common sense dictates that the brighter the lights on your bike are, the more visible you'll be to other traffic at night. But according to research from the University of Oxford's Experimental Psychology Lab, a glowing version of the universal symbol for a bike rider could actually a better way to make drivers aware of your presence. Read More >>

A Rechargeable Bike Light That Tells You Exactly When it Will Die

The lights strapped to your bike only keep you safe at night as long as they're visible. When they die, you're just another shadow that drivers barely notice. So not only does the rechargeable Eagle 600 boast a whopping 600 lumens of light, it's also got a built-in OLED display letting you know exactly how much longer it will stay lit. Read More >>

Philips' New Clear LED Bulbs Look Just Like Incandescents

Despite being more energy-efficient and longer lasting, consumers keep finding excuses for wanting to stick with incandescent lightbulbs. But with clear glass and a special LED lens that looks like a traditional filament, Philips' latest LED bulbs might finally convince those afraid of change. Read More >>

This Lightbulb Comes Shattered on Purpose

>We've all marvelled at those high-speed photographs showing the point of impact when a speeding bullet pierces and shatters a lightbulb. And thanks to a Swedish company called Gässling, those moments are now frozen in time in real life, with a series of pre-shattered bulbs created using 3D printers. Read More >>

The World's First LED Inspired This Giant LED Lamp

Energy-efficient LEDs have only just started replacing the energy-wasting incandescent bulbs we've been using for decades. But did you know that LEDs date all the way back to 1962? Most people don't, but this modern lamp designed to look like Nick Holonyak Jr.'s original LED design should help educate the masses—or anyone who visits your pad. Read More >>

The World's Thinnest LED is Only 3 Atoms Thick

LEDs have come a long way: from the early 70s when a bulky LED watch cost thousands of pounds to LG's announcement last month that it had created an OLED TV as thin as a magazine, these glowing little bits of magic have become wonderfully cheap and impossibly small. Now, they're about to get much smaller. Read More >>

You'll Never Trip Over This in-Ground Solar Light

They're the perfect accent to a well-manicured backyard, but the solar-powered lights dotting your gardens and walkways are just one misstep away from being accidentally destroyed. So Ikea's come up with the perfect solution, LED lights that you press into your lawn so that they're firmly stuck in the ground while still providing plenty of light. Read More >>

A Rechargeable LED Cork That Turns Empty Bottles Into Lamps

For many of us it will still be a few months before dinner parties on the back patio are feasible again—but there's no reason you can't start preparing now. A winter of heavy drinking has probably left you with a mountain of empty wine bottles that can now easily be repurposed as stylish lamps with these £10 LED corks. Read More >>

​Why a Single-Molecule LED Could be a Big Deal

Technologically speaking, smaller is virtually always better. So it's perhaps no surprise that scientists have developed the first ever single-molecule LED. But why is it potentially such a big deal? Read More >>

Hundreds of Naked LEDs Make This Lamp Look Like a Starry Night Sky

The diodes on most LED-powered lamps are hidden from sight behind plastic or metal—after all, not everyone wants to see the electronic guts of their devices. But after a look at these beautiful lamps made from hundreds of raw diodes, it's hard to imagine covering them up. Read More >>

This LED Printer Creates Fleeting Messages on Photosensitive Paper

Liat Segal's Confession Machine printer isn't designed for running copies of health and safety reports at work, unless you're really making an effort to realise a truly paperless office. Because instead of ink or toner, Segal's creation uses an array of 16 ultraviolet LEDs to 'print' messages on a static surface covered with a photosensitive paint that turns bright blue as the printhead passes over—but only momentarily. Read More >>

Reconfigure This Lamp's Magnetic Arm For Light Exactly Where You Want It

Bulky incandescents are pretty rare in desktop lamps these days, and it's interesting to see how lighting designers are taking advantage of smaller bulbs—reducing lamps down to their absolute bare minimum. Take Jella, a super slim aluminium stick that's embedded with both LEDs and magnets, so you can reconfigure it any way you want on the steel stand. Read More >>

Blaze a Trail With These Remote Controlled LED Shoe Strips

These days, a set of velcro straps across the top of your kicks just isn't enough to impress your shoe-freak friends. To guarantee you're the envy of everyone on your street forget about dropping hundreds on the latest pair of Nikes—instead, strap a pair of these Light Kicks LED strips to your trainers. Read More >>

The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern Gets a Colourful Follow-Up

What was originally conceived as a cheap rechargeable LED light for parts of the world where the power grid wasn't reliable, turned out to be a huge hit with consumers all over the world after it was unveiled at CES last year. So this year MPOWERD is introducing a slightly more extravagant model of its inflatable lantern called the Luci Aura that features colour changing LED lights and a new frosted plastic giving it a softer glow. Read More >>

The Freaky, Bioelectric Future of Tattoos

The world loves tattoos. From tribal designs to tramp stamps, across cultures and borderlines, we can't get enough ink. But even multi-billion dollar industries must innovate. But what on Earth does tattoo innovation look like? What are we going to do next? Make them light up, or monitor our health, or turn into computers? What is the future of tattoos? Read More >>


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