Pay for Parking With Conkers in Manchester and Leeds

The Merrion Centre and Clarence Dock car parks in Leeds, and 30 Tariff Street in Manchester, are good places to park if you're up there at the moment, thanks to attendants currently on hand to accept payment in conkers. One conker = 20p is the current exchange rate this week. Read More >>

Leeds Bad Boys Given Nine Month Suspended Sentences for Usenet Copyright Crimes

A couple of men from Leeds are the latest victims of the UK's ongoing crackdown on copyright infringement, with the pair given nine-month sentences for running illegal TV and movie streaming sites. Read More >>

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A Gorgeous Look at How Books Are Made

Sure, high speed printers can spew out the WSJ's full daily circulation in five hours but where's the soul in that? Where's the craftsmanship? To see the magic of traditional book-making in action, check out Birth of a Book. Read More >>


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