"Legal High" Death Numbers Exaggerated by Common Substance Abusers

The number of people offing themselves by getting carried away with the paint-stripper hybrids has been exaggerated, according to former government drug advisers, who suggest "legal highs" aren't perhaps as dangerous as they're currently portrayed. Read More >>

Makers of "Legal High" Drugs Might be Forced to Prove Their Safety

The Home Office is looking at ways to police the legal high industry more effectively, with one plan being to require makers of the various giddiness potions to prove their safety before they are allowed to be sold in the UK. Read More >>

Should So Called "Legal Highs" Really Be Legal?

In the UK we have a load of drugs, which just skirt the law by roaming into the realm of "legal highs." Normally these drugs are untested, unlicensed, and potentially lethal, but because they're not "controlled substances" they're in a legal grey area. Now a new one, "Annihilation" is apparently putting people in hospital. Should they be banned? Read More >>


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